Purple copper tubes are one of the copper tubes, and can conduct heat, in the environment temperature comparison situation will not crack, can be used normally.

Purple copper tubes have fine structure and low oxygen content. No pore, trachoma, loose, good electrical conductivity, high surface accuracy of the electro-etched die, heat treatment process, non-directional electrode, suitable for fine beating, fine beating, good thermal conductivity, processability, ductility, corrosion resistance and weather resistance.

Purpose of Copper Tube: It can be used in electrical appliances, evaporative buildings and chemical industry, terminal printing circuit boards of electrical appliances, copper strip for wire shelter, air cushion, confluence terminal. Copper pipes such as electromagnetic switch, pen holder, roof plate and so on can be often used in the connection of indoor and outdoor units of air conditioning. So many air conditioning manufacturers choose copper pipes as the connecting materials of air conditioning. Because of the good material of copper pipes, the refrigerant can exchange heat in the pipes, thus speeding up the cooling or heating efficiency of air conditioning, and also reducing it. Consumption of electricity and refrigerants.

Pancake Copper Coil Tube

T2 Pancake Copper Coil Tube

Copper Plumbing Tube, C12200 Round Copper tube Copper Pipe,Copper Plumbing Tube, Round Copper Tube,Customized Shape Air Conditioning Copper Capillary Tube T2 pancake copper coil tube Out Diameter: 1/4”-1” Wall Thickness: 0.40-3.0mm Length: 1000-6000mm Standard: T2 T2 pancake copper coil tube Application: pancake copper coil tube are widely used in air conditioner, refrigeration, heat exchange, fire […]


C1100 C12200 Material 40Mm Cold Rolled Copper Pipe

C1100 / C12200 Material 40Mm Cold Rolled Copper Pipe

C1100 / C12200 Material 40Mm Cold Rolled Copper Pipe, Pure 99.9% Copper Pipe, China Manufacturer T1 T2 T3 Copper Pipe, price 1 kg copper Pure Copper pipe manufacturer, C12200 Straight Copper Pipe Pure 99.9% High Strength T3 Copper Pipe China Manufacturer Features: Features of C1100 / C12200 Material 40Mm Cold Rolled Copper Pipe: Material: Copper […]