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Copper Pipe Welding Method

Copper Pipe Welding Method in Air Conditioning Refrigeration System Air conditioning and refrigeration systems generally use copper pipes as connecting pipes. In the process of manufacturing, installation and maintenance, copper pipe welding is a key link, which directly affects whether the system can work normally and must be highly valued. Commonly used solder types are [...]

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Usage of Purple Copper Tubes

Purple copper tubes are one of the copper tubes, and can conduct heat, in the environment temperature comparison situation will not crack, can be used normally. Purple copper tubes have fine structure and low oxygen content. No pore, trachoma, loose, good electrical conductivity, high surface accuracy of the electro-etched die, heat treatment process, non-directional electrode, [...]

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Electrodes Copper Tubes

Why do EDM punchers use electrodes copper tubes? Electric spark punching machine is commonly known as piercing machine, piercing machine, small hole discharger, fine hole machine. Electrodes copper tubes working principle is to use continuous vertical movement of copper tube (called electrode wire) as the electrode to remove metal from the workpiece by pulse spark [...]

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Brass Welding

Brass welding is an indispensable processing technology for repairing and processing copper materials. Welding, also known as welding and picking, is a common process and technology for joining alloys or other thermoplastic materials such as plastics by heating. Brass weldability Brass is a copper-zinc alloy. Because the boiling point of zinc is low, only 907 [...]

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Typical Process of Extruding Brass Pipes

The main defects of perforated extruding brass pipes are internal and external surface defects and uneven wall thickness. In order to ensure that there are no oxides and bubbles on the internal and external surface of extruded brass pipes, peeling extrusion is also used in modern extrusion technology. When pipe peeling and extrusion, reasonable peeling [...]

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Brass Tensile Strength

What is the brass tensile strength ? What are the symbols and units of brass tensile strength? The tensile strength of brass is 325-410 Mpa. The so-called tensile strength refers to the resistance to the maximum uniform plastic deformation of materials. The deformation of tensile specimens is uniform before they bear the maximum tensile stress, [...]

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Brass Processing

Brass processing refers to the process of adding or reducing the content of certain elements, or changing the shape and state of brass to produce products that meet people's requirements. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. If brass is composed of copper and zinc, it is called ordinary brass. Brass is often used [...]

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Difference between Copper Brass Bronze and White Copper

Copper Alloys consisting of pure copper matrix and one or more other elements. Pure copper is purple red, also known as copper. The density of pure copper is 8.96 and the melting point is 1083 C. It has excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, ductility and corrosion resistance. It is mainly used to make electrical equipment [...]

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Usage of Brass Bar

What are the usage of brass bar? Brass bar is a bar made of brass. Brass bar is solid processing material with circular or heterosexual cross section. According to the geometric shape, it can be divided into round rod and heterosexual rod. According to the mode of production, it can be divided into extrusion and [...]

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Brass Pipes Welding

Brass Pipes Welding in Argon arc welding Welding of brass pipes may be considered by the general public, but it is somewhat laborious to weld Brass by traditional flame brazing when its size is large or its material is cast. So the most important thing to pay attention to in argon arc welding of brass [...]

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Brass Tubes Welded

How are brass tubes welded? Brass pipe is one of the non-ferrous metals. It has strong and corrosion resistance. It has become the preferred material for water supply, heating, refrigeration pipes and some capillary copper pipe industries. Brass pipes are made of brass sheets by welding and stretching. Phosphorus-copper solders or phosphorus-copper solders with low [...]

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Flared Copper Tube

Flared copper tube - safe and reliable The flared copper tube combines the advantages of metal tubing with non-metallic tubing. It is harder than plastic pipe and has high strength of general metal (the strength of cold drawn copper pipe is equivalent to that of steel pipe of the same wall thickness); it is more [...]

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Copper Pipe System

Copper pipe system laying According to the design drawings, draw the construction sketches such as pipe branch, pipe diameter, variable diameter, reserved hole, valve and other attachment positions, mark the actual installation position, measure the actual size of the copper pipe according to the segment, and prefabricate according to this. machining. The prefabricated copper pipes [...]

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