Copper Grounding Parts

//Copper Grounding Parts

Copper Pipe Welding Method

Copper Pipe Welding Method in Air Conditioning Refrigeration System Air conditioning and refrigeration systems generally use copper pipes as connecting pipes. In the process of manufacturing, installation and maintenance, copper pipe welding is a key link, which directly affects whether the system can work normally and must be highly valued. Commonly used solder types are [...]

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  • Tower Earth Clamp

Tower Earth Clamp

Copper Tower Earth Clamp - These products is used for bonding copper cable to steel structures. The size for these products are : 1) 16mm 2- 70mm 2 2) 70mm 2- 120mm 2 Tower Earth Clamp Pipe Clamps, Ground Rod, Hose Clamps, Earthing System, Earth Ground, Ground Rod Clamp, Cable Clamp, Earth, Earth [...]

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