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Dephosphorization Copper Pipe

Dephosphorization copper pipe connection Before the dephosphorization copper pipe is straightened, the straightening should be done before the tube is filled with sand and then straightened with a straightener; during the straightening process, the force should not be too large, and the surface of the tube should not be hammered, pitted, scratched or rough. Mark [...]

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U-shaped Copper Tube

The u-shaped copper tube is one of the more materials used in industrial equipment. The u-shaped copper tube is not only hard in texture, is not easily deformed, and has a long service life and does not need to be replaced. But many times, the use of u-shaped copper tubes requires some processing, and welding [...]

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Special-shaped Brass Tubes

Special-shaped brass tubes are generally used in air conditioning or heating panels. In the refrigeration process of air conditioning, the compressor first pressurizes the snow seeds, compresses the snow seeds into high temperature and high pressure state, and then inputs them into the indoor machine through connecting pipes. Therefore, every time the snow seeds are [...]

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About Manganese Brass Pipe

Manganese brass pipe is hard, not easy to corrode, and high temperature and high pressure resistance. It can be used in a variety of environments. In contrast, many other pipes have obvious shortcomings, such as galvanized steel pipes used in residential buildings in the past, which are very vulnerable to rust. When used for a [...]

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Environmental Brass Pipe

Environmental brass pipe, a kind of non-ferrous metal pipe, is a seamless pipe pressed and drawn. Brass pipes have strong and corrosion-resistant characteristics, and become the first choice for modern contractors to install water pipes, heating and refrigeration pipes in all residential commercial buildings. Brass pipe is the best water supply pipe. Brass is strong [...]

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Aluminum Brass Condenser Tube

Aluminum Brass Condenser Tube is made by a new kind of alloy material. By adding different metal elements to the metal, it can achieve high strength, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, conductivity and thermal conductivity. Aluminum Brass Condenser Tube shall include clean and complete aluminium brass condensing tubes, both electroplated and non-electroplated. No nickel alloy, aluminium [...]

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About Silicon Brass Tube

Silicon brass tube was added on the basis of copper-zinc alloy. It has high corrosion resistance in both atmosphere and sea water, and its stress corrosion cracking resistance is higher than that of general brass. The silicon content is generally below 4%. Commonly used silicon brass 80Cu-17Zn-3Si can withstand thermal pressure processing, excellent corrosion resistance, [...]

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About Tin Brass Pipes

In order to obtain higher strength, corrosion resistance and good casting properties, tin brass pipes have formed special brass by adding iron, silicon, manganese, lead, tin and other elements into the copper zinc alloy. Tin brass tube has excellent cutting performance and wear resistance, and is widely used in the manufacture of clock parts. The [...]

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Copper Pipe Welding Methods

According to the different copper pipe appliances and their working modes, there are two commonly Copper Pipe Welding Methods, one is pulse copper pipe welding, which is mainly used for single-point fixed continuous and thin material welding, forming a circular weld when welding; the other is continuous copper pipe welding, which is mainly used for [...]

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Brass Pipe Welding

What is brass pipe welding? Brass pipe welding can be divided into soft welding and hard welding. Soft welding temperature is lower than 450 C, and hard welding temperature is higher than 450 C. Hard welding is usually used for silver, gold, steel, copper and other metals. Its welding joints are much stronger than soft [...]

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