Operation procedure of brazing copper tube

1. Clean the oxide film on the outer surface of the copper pipe joint and the inner surface of the pipe fitting joint.
2. Paste or liquid flux shall be evenly applied on the cleaned outer surface of the pipe and the inner surface of the pipe fitting. When copper phosphorus solder or low silver copper phosphorus solder is used to braze copper pipe and copper pipe parts, flux may not be applied.
3. Insert the copper pipe into the pipe fitting, insert it to the bottom and rotate it properly to maintain a uniform gap. If flux is coated, the excess flux extruded from the joint shall be wiped off with a cleaning rag.
4. Heat the joint evenly with gas flame until it reaches the brazing temperature. During tin brazing, electric heating can also be used to heat the joint to the brazing temperature.
5. Contact the joint heated to high temperature with solder to determine the temperature at the joint. If the solder does not melt, it indicates that the temperature at the joint has not reached the brazing temperature, so it is necessary to continue to heat the joint. If the solder can melt quickly, it indicates that the temperature at the joint has reached the brazing temperature, you can continue to heat the joint while maintaining the temperature at the joint above the brazing temperature, and add solder to the gap of the joint, Use the heat at the joint to melt the solder into the gap until it is filled. Do not directly melt the solder with flame and apply it to the surface of the gap.

6. Remove the heat source and stop heating to make the joint cool and crystallize in a static state, so as to prevent the vibration of molten solder cooling and crystallization from affecting the brazing quality.
7. Clean up the residue at the brazed joint and apply varnish for protection if necessary.
In short, the brazing connection of thin-walled copper pipe is a mature connection process with simple operation, reliable quality and suitable for concealed laying. Therefore, brazing connection is the most commonly used connection method in copper pipe engineering. With the rapid development of the application of thin-walled copper pipe, there are more and more copper pipe connection methods suitable for different occasions and different needs. For example, the connection of small-diameter copper pipe includes ferrule connection, clamping connection, plug-in connection, and the connection of large-diameter copper pipe includes copper flange connection, loose flange connection, groove connection, etc. It is believed that these connection methods will be applied in copper pipe engineering as well as brazing connection methods.

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