Chemical polishing of brass plate
Polishing refers to the use of mechanical, chemical or electrochemical effects to reduce the surface roughness of brass, in order to obtain a bright, flat surface processing method.
Brass chemical polishing: a kind of environmental protection polishing process on the surface of brass plate. Generally, it is polished with three acids (nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid), and the specific brightness can be adjusted according to the requirements.
1. It is not allowed to operate with water during polishing operation, which will affect the polishing quality. The stock solution is used and operated at room temperature and ventilation.

2. Immerse the copper workpiece in the copper polishing solution, take out the copper workpiece after about 2-3 minutes, immediately put it into clean water for full flushing, and wash the liquid medicine on the brass plate.
3. After polishing and cleaning, the brass plate can enter the next process, such as spraying and passivation. In order to prevent the copper workpiece from discoloring again, the copper workpiece should be dried and passivated.
In the polishing process, if it is found that the gloss of brass engraving plate can not meet the requirements, a small amount of long-term additives should be added into the polishing solution. The amount of additive should be 1% – 2% of the original polishing solution, and the additive should be added several times in a small amount.
When the color of brass plate polishing solution is dark green, if it still can not meet the requirements after adding long-term additives, a new polishing agent should be used for polishing.

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