Properties of brass rod
Brass Rod and copper tube
1. The eco-friendly brass has good strength and corrosion resistance, at the same time, it has good toughness, which ensures good machinability in mechanical properties.
2. The content of lead in copper alloy is between 7% and 15%, which can effectively make the copper alloy cut freely while maintaining good thermal conductivity and good lubricity. These easy cutting brass are widely used in many fields such as machining, CNC machining and bearing machining.
There are many application fields of brass. The following points are briefly introduced:
1. High strength alloy gear, high strength sleeve and low speed heavy load bearing are often used.
2. Printing.
3. Mechanical, electronic parts, automatic lathe, CNC lathe processing of high precision parts.
4. Military industry, etc.
In short, the application of copper bar is very wide, it can be said that we can see everywhere in our life.

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Properties of Brass Rod

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