This article explains the advantages of copper pipe compared with other pipes?
Copper pipe, a kind of non-ferrous metal pipe, is a pressed and drawn seamless pipe with good thermal conductivity and high low-temperature strength. It is commonly used in the manufacture of heat exchange equipment (such as condenser) and the assembly of low-temperature pipeline in oxygen production equipment. Copper pipes with small diameter are often used to transport pressurized liquids (such as lubrication system, oil pressure system, etc.) and pressure measuring pipes used as instruments.

Copper pipes characteristics, advantages of Copper Pipe: light weight, strong and corrosion-resistant, which has become the first choice for modern contractors in the installation of tap water pipes, heating and refrigeration pipes in all residential commercial houses.
1. Copper is economical. Because the copper pipe is easy to process and connect, it can save materials and total cost during installation, has good stability and reliability, and can save maintenance.
2. Copper is light. For twisted pipe with the same inner diameter, the thickness of ferrous metal is not required for copper pipe. When installed, the transportation cost of copper pipe is smaller, the maintenance is easier and the occupied space is smaller.
3. Copper can change shape. Because copper pipe can bend and deform, it can often be made into elbows and joints. Smooth bending allows copper pipe to bend at any angle.
4. Copper pipe is easy to connect.
5. Copper is safe. No leakage, no combustion support, no toxic gas and corrosion resistance. Copper pipe is hard, not easy to corrode, and resistant to high temperature and high pressure. It can be used in a variety of environments.

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