Advantages of Copper Door Copper Decoration

The noble copper door has always been the first choice of the villa, and it is decorated with exquisite copper decoration. The charm of the ancient rhyme and cultural connotation adds a charm to the bronze door. Today, the copper industry will introduce the advantages of the copper decoration on the copper door.

1. The texture effect is full: as the decoration of the bronze door, it is also the facade of the household, which is the detail that most people care about. It can enhance the beauty and become a unique landscape of the villa. The bronze doors themselves have a unique texture, and the designers can create them with styles and enhance their artistic atmosphere. For the pursuit of high quality life friends, the villa copper door copper decoration is a good choice!

2. Long service life: The copper decoration is durable, and with time, there will be a special luster on the surface, which has a unique charm. I believe that everyone will notice when they travel, but when you visit historical and cultural cities, you will be able to see the bronze gate. Jiangnan town, private gardens, and bronze doors have become an indispensable part.

3. Maintenance and maintenance is simple: any item needs maintenance, copper decoration is no exception, but its maintenance procedure is very simple, keep it simple and clean.

Advantages of Copper Door Copper Decoration

Advantages of Copper Door Copper Decoration

Maintenance notice for copper decoration

Copper decoration has been the first choice for large-scale decoration since ancient times. It is sturdy and durable, with beautiful color and long-lasting discoloration. However, improper use will still cause damage to the copper decoration, which will reduce the use effect and service life of the copper decoration. Today, the copper industry will share the problems that need to be paid attention to when decorating the copper.

1. Moisture is one of the hazards of copper decoration. If the humidity in the air is too high, the surface of the copper decoration will be corroded. Therefore, the copper decoration must be kept dry and ventilated during storage.

2. It is necessary to prevent the copper decoration from being mechanically damaged, and should not collide with each other, do not stack and stack, and be careful for fine work and easy damage.

3. Copper decoration should protect against some harmful chemical substances from the outside, such as acid and chloride. When moving the cast copper decoration, you must wear cotton gloves to move, so as to avoid sweat corrosion on your hands.

4. When cleaning the copper decoration, use a clean and soft cloth to wipe off the dust. For some places where it is not easy to wipe with a cloth, it is best to use a brush or a vacuum cleaner to blow off the dust.

5. For long-term placement and dullness, do not use cloth to wipe when wiping. Use a fine cotton cloth to gently rub the test to achieve the polishing effect.

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