Copper Alloy Applied in Ships and Warships

Copper has outstanding seawater corrosion resistance. Cupric ion dissolved in water can sterilize and prevent marine life from fouling. As a result, copper alloy is applied in shipping industry and the application has a long history, achieving great result.

In shipping industry, copper alloy is extensively applied to key components of condenser, steam turbine, different kinds of cooler of ships and warships, such as screw propeller, condensing apparatus, seawater pipe, pump, valve and structural parts etc. Near 20 kinds of copper alloys are widely used in ships and warships, such as pure copper, aluminum bronze, manganese bronze, silicon bronze, aluminum brass, gunmetal, copper nickel and so on.

In shipbuilding, pure copper is mainly applied to conductive components and corrosion resistant parts, for example busbar, electrical circuit board, oil pipe of low pressure and various ship pipelines. Aluminum bronze manganese bronze is mainly used as anti-wear parts under peak load, such as shaft sleeve, pump, valve and pipe fittings etc. Nickel-aluminum-bronze is widely used as corrosion resistant parts in contact with seawater and other media, such as propeller and blade, propeller guide hood, water pump and impeller of oil pump. Copper-nickel is applied to ship radiator and sea pipe system.

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