How is the Copper Decoration Made

Copper crafts mainly focus on style, so crafts and equipment are very important. There are a series of processes to go. The following copper industry takes bronze sculptures and handicrafts as an example. How can we complete a bronze sculpture decoration crafts?

1. According to the pattern design, make the corresponding mud tire. After scraping, wrap it with plastic film to prevent the mud tire from bursting. Place it for 3-5 days, wrap the mud tire around with the plaster mud, and separate the plaster mud with a certain size and part. , drying to 3-5 days, peeling off the already hardened gypsum block, thus dividing the large clay tire into several small pieces of mold;

How is the Copper Decoration Made

How is the Copper Decoration Made

2. Cast by dewaxing until all the block molds have been cast. Make good parts;

3. The next step is to carry out the welding. Nowadays, the advanced oxygen welding machine is generally used. In the past, the craftsmen would prepare the flux themselves. Weld small parts into large parts, such as crowns, heads, bodies, thrones, etc., and then assemble them. The copper handicrafts have been assembled and polished many times until the whole body is smooth. The ordinary bronze sculpture art is completed in this step;

Sheet metal: After the copper handicraft is pickled and washed, the cold gold powder is adjusted into a thin paste with ox glue, and it is painted on a clean copper. This is called cold gold. The general characters use cold gold powder to pay for gold as a face;

Another method is hot gold, which is made into thin gold foil, then cut into pieces or filaments, put into the crucible and heated, and added mercury according to a certain proportion. After the gold is mixed with mercury, it becomes a silver-white gold mud mixture. Then apply a layer of watermark on the copper decorative surface and evenly apply the gold mud.

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