Copper Sheet Metal Supplier

DOWEDO Metal Supply sells alloy 110 copper in bar and sheet. This is the most common type of copper and is universal in use for electrical applications. 110 alloy is required to be 99.9% pure and has many features that make it the product of choice for the electrical, automotive, industrial, architectural and building industries.

Copper Sheet Metal Supplier

Copper Sheet Metal Supplier

Fabricators use copper for blanking, drawing, shearing, and stamping while other commons uses include terminals, busbars, connectors, conductors, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, cotter pins, rivets, radiators, gaskets, roofing and gutters. Copper, known also for its antimicrobial properties, is also a great material for surfaces such as kitchen and bathroom counters and backsplashes, sinks and bathtubs. Industrial Metal Supply stocks plate copper sheet as well as textured copper sheet in various sizes.

Copper stocked at Industrial Metal Supply includes:
Round bar
Bus bar
Decorative patterned sheet
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