Copper Foil UNS C14415 CuSn0.15 CW117C,copper foil tape for radiator fin
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Our copper foil can be used for radiator fin.

Our copper foil can be used to shield and isolate interference of electromagnetic waves and radio waves,etc and the compound of PBC. It is widely used in printed circuit boards,wire and cable,terminals, electrical appliances,building materials, chemical industry and distillation.

CuSn0.15 is a low Tin (Sn) special alloy that combines low cost with highest conductivity. The total cost for finish products are often equal to brass due to excellent conditions for stamping scrap.
Typical applications are male connectors and fuse boxes.

UNS C14415 has good Electrical conductivity

Electrical conductivity is strongly influenced by chemical composition. A high level of cold deformation and small grain size decrease the electrical conductivity moderately.
Minimum conductivity level can be specified

Copper Foil UNS C14415 CuSn0.15 CW117C

Copper Foil UNS C14415 CuSn0.15 CW117C

UNS C14415 has good Corrosion Resistanc

CuSn0.15 has a good resistance in in natural and industrial atmosphere (maritime air too).
Industrial and drinking water, aqueous and alkaline solutions (not oxidizing), pure water vapour (steam), non oxidizing acids (without oxygen in solution) and salts, neutral saline solutions.Material can be heat-treated in reducing atmosphere.

High Performance Copper Alloy Foil for heat-exchanger radiator fin

C14415(EN:CuSn0.15), high performance copper alloy foil, has superior properties of high strength, high corrosion-resistance, high softening temperature. It is an ideal material for making radiator fin.

C14415(EN:CuSn0.15) also can be used for

Connector pins.
Transistor components.
Components for the electrical industry.
Fuse boxes in automobiles.
Lead frames for semiconductors.
Chemical Composition(w)%
(JIS:C1441 EN:CuSn0.15)
Cu+Ag+Sn Sn
99.95 min. 0.10~0.15
Physical Properties

Density, g/cm3 8.93
Electrical conductivity (20°C), %IACS 88(annealed)
Thermal conductivity (20°C), W/(m·°C) 350
Coefficient of thermal expansion (20-300°C), 10-6/°C 18
Specific heat capacity (20°C), J/(g·°C) 0.385
Modulus of elasticity, GPa (KN/mm2) 120
Mechanical Properties

Temper Tensile strength 


MPa (N/mm2)



H04 H04 H 345~420 105~130
H06 H06 EH 385~480 110~145

Notes: The technical data in this table is recommended. Products with other properties can be provided according to customers’ requirements. 1)only for reference.
Thickness and Width Tolerances mm

Thickness Tolerance Width Tolerance
Thickness Tolerance Width Tolerance
0.03~0.05 ±0.003 12~200 ±0.08
>0.05~0.10 ±0.005
>0.10~0.18 ±0.008
Notes:After consultation, products with higher precision requirements can be provided.

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