Copper Alloy Tube for Heat Exchanger

The copper alloy tube of the present invention has a composition containing Sn: 0.1 to 2.0% by mass, P: 0.005 to 0.1% by mass, S: 0.005% by mass or less, O: 0.005% by mass or less, and H: 0.0002% by mass or less, and the balance It consists of Cu and unavoidable impurities. Further, in the annealed state, the tensile strength is 250 N/mm 2 or more, and the average crystal grain diameter measured in a direction perpendicular to the wall thickness direction of the tube in the orthogonal cross section of the tube axis is 30 μm or less. The tensile strength of the copper alloy tube in the longitudinal direction is σL, and when the tensile strength in the circumferential direction is σT, σT/σL>0.93. According to such a configuration, it is possible to increase the tensile strength as much as possible without deteriorating the bending workability, and it is possible to sufficiently improve the withstand voltage breaking strength (breaking pressure), and also excellent in bending workability and heat resistance.

Copper Alloy Tube for Heat Exchanger

Copper Alloy Tube for Heat Exchanger

The CHINA’s Largest Finned Tube Manufacturer

As the CHINA’s largest finned tube manufacturer and supplier of plain heat exchanger tubes for over 35 years we have developed a large network of contacts within the heat exchanger tube business.

We supply both seamless and welded tubes in carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous alloys, nickel alloys and titanium..

Our on-site u-bending facility allows us to provide quick turnaround of these materials if u-bending is required.

Our commitment to on-time delivery and supply of high-quality material has enabled us to build lasting relationships with engineering companies and end users right across the globe.

can supply tubes in Copper and Copper Alloys for many applications, also in rods:

Seamless tubes for heat exchanger and condensers
Seamless copper tubes for water and gas in sanitary and heating applications
Seamless copper tubes for air conditioning and refrigeration
Seamless round tubes for general purpose

Non-standard products could be supplied on customer’s request.

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