Commercial Copper Rods, Commercial-Purity Copper Rods & Bars
The copper rods were intended as reference materials for spectrographic purposes. They were prepared and tested for homogeneity in the Mines Branch, between 1964 and 1966; the starting materials were donated by Canadian Copper Refiners Limited, Montreal, Quebec, and Metals and Alloys Limited, Leaside, Ontario.

To dope the copper matrix, impurities in granulated form were mixed with high-purity anode swarf, the mixture was cold-pressed into pellets 25.4 mm (1 in.) in diameter, and then the pellets were added to molten, high-purity copper in appropriate quantities. The alloys are in the form of hot-rolled rods, 300 mm x 8 mm (12 in. x 5/6 in.).

With the help of our expert team members, we have been able to offer a wide range of Copper Grounding Rods. Owing to its dimensional accuracy and application specific design, these devices are extensively recommended by various numbers of clients. We ensure longer functional life of these devices.

Dimensional accuracy
Optimum quality

Commercial Copper
Chemical Requirements Chromium Copper
Copper Remainder
Chromium 0.36 to 1.40%
Physical Properties
Tensile Strength 410 Mpa min
Elongation % 15% min
Fabrication Properties
Capacity for being  
Cold Worked Excellent
Hot Formed Excellent
Suitability for Soldering Good
Suitability for Brazing Good
Immunity to hydrogen Excellent
General Engineering Purpose

Copper Nickel C715 – C71500