ASTM B111 UNS C12200 Copper Tube

Copper Tube, Copper pipe and tube TP 2 tube C12200 TUBE, JIS H3300 C1220T TUBE

Phosphorus-Deoxidized copper tubes – C12200 – are extensively used in sugar refineries for condensers and evaporators. Deoxidized copper is the standard material for transferring heat from steam to water or air because of their excellent resistance to corrosion by fresh water and their high thermal conductivities.

Copper Tube,Copper pipe and tube TP 2 tube C12200 tube,ASTM B111 UNS C12200 Tube

UNS No. C12200 – BSI No. C107 – ISO Name Cu-DHP
Chemical Comp. (%) Cu 99.9 / P 0.015N ~ 0.040
ASTM Spec. B 75, B 111, B 395
ASME Spec. SB 111, SB 395
Applications Condenser, evaporator & heat exchanger tubes; Air conditioning & refrigeration; Plumbing pipes & steam tubes.
Temper H55 Light Drawn / H80 Hard Drawn / O61 Annealed

Properties * Metric English
Density 8.94 g/cm³ 0.323 lb/in³
Tensile Strength 221 ~ 379 MPa 32 ~ 55 ksi
Yield Strength 69 ~ 345 MPa 10 ~ 50 ksi
CTE, linear 17.7 10-6/°C @ 20.0 – 300 °C 9.8 10-6/°F @ 70.0 – 570 °F
Specific Heat Capacity 0.0920 cal/g-°C @ 20ºC 0.0920 BTU/lb-°F @ 70ºF
Thermal Conductivity 339 W/m-K @ 20.0 °C 196 BTU/ft2/ft/h/°F @ 70.0 °F
Melting Point 1083 °C 1981 °F
ASTM B75/B75M-20

ASTM B111 UNS C12200 Copper Tube

ASTM B111 UNS C12200 Copper Tube

Standard Specification for Seamless Copper Tube
This specification establishes the requirements for seamless round, rectangular, and square copper tube (UNS Nos. C10100, C10200, C10300, C10800, C12000, and C12200) suitable for general engineering applications. The material of manufacture shall be billets, cast bars, or tube. The tube shall be manufactured by hot- and cold-working processes, shall be cold drawn to the finished size and wall thickness, and shall be supplied in cold-drawn or annealed temper condition. The material shall conform to the chemical composition requirements prescribed for copper, phosphorus, and arsenic, as determined by chemical analysis, and to the mechanical property requirements including tensile strength, yield strength, Rockwell hardness, and straightening. Requirements for grain size, electrical mass resistivity, and dimensions are specified. The following test methods are detailed: grain size, electrical resistivity, tensile and yield strength, and hardness tests, expansion test for round table, microscopical examination, test for hydrogen embrittlement, and nondestructive tests such as electromagnetic (eddy-current), hydrostatic, and pneumatic pressure tests.

1. Scope

1.1 This specification2 establishes the requirements for seamless round, rectangular, and square copper tube suitable for general engineering applications.

1.1.1 Tubes made from any of the following Copper UNS No. designations shall be supplied unless otherwise specified in the contract or purchase order:

Copper UNS No.

Type of Copper


Oxygen-free electronic


Oxygen-free without residual deoxidants


Oxygen-free, extra low phosphorus


Oxygen-free, low phosphorus


Phosphorus deoxidized, low residual phosphorus


Phosphorus deoxidized, high residual phosphorus


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