Aluminum Brass Tube C68700 ASTM B111 UNS, ASTM B111 UNS C68700 Seamless Aluminum Brass Tubes EN 12451 – CUZN22AL2 Al Brass Tubes
ASTM B 111 Standard Specification for Copper and Copper-Alloy Seamless Condenser Tubes and Ferrule Stock , condenser tube

ASTM B 111 C68700 aluminum brass tube,ASME SB111 CuZn22Al2 HEAT EXCHANGER TUBE
Size range: OD 2.0 to 350mm, WT 0.3 to 50mm, Length 18m or as request.
Testing: 100% Eddy Current Testing, 100% hydraulic Testing.
Delivered in straight lengths or as U-bent tubes.

We can supply tubes in Copper and Copper Alloys for many applications

Industrial: Condenser Tube, Evaporator Tubes, Ferrules, Distiller Tubes, Heat Exchanger Tubes
C68700 aluminium brass tubes are widely used in “Seawater desalting plants”
ASTM B111 C68700 Chemical Composition

Element Weight %
Cu 76.0-79.0
Zn Reminder
Al 1.8-2.5
As 0.02-0.06
Pb 0.07
Fe 0.06 max

ASTM B 111 C68700 Brass Seamless Tubes Standard Specification:

Aluminum Brass Tube C68700 ASTM B111 UNS

Aluminum Brass Tube C68700 ASTM B111 UNS

2) Material Brand of Aluminum Brass Tube:






China BG














3)Tubes temper: All tempers are available (Goods supply state: Annealed condition)
4)Dimensions: Outer diameter:5-350mm, Wall thickness: 0.5-50mm or according to the buyers’ requirements, and also length and tolerance subject to the buyer’s decisions. Seamless Aluminum Brass Tubes
5)Tubes in good straightness, with clean surface of both inside and outside
6)Application range: Aluminum Brass Tube for condenser and heat-exchangers, Water Evaporators, Boiler Blowdown Heat Exchangers, air coolers, Gland Steam Condensers, Steam Ejector, Turbine Oil Coolers, Fuel Oil Heaters, Compressed Air Inter and After Coolers, Ferrules, Oil Well Pump Liner, and Distiller etc.

UNS No. C68700 – BSI No. CZ110 – ISO Name CuZn22AI2
Chemical Comp. (%) Cu 76 ~ 79 / Al 1.8 ~ 2.5 / Pb 0.07 / Fe 0.06 max / Zn rem / As 0.02 ~ 0.06
ASTM Spec. B 111, B 395
ASME Spec. SB 111, SB 395
Applications Condenser, Evaporator and Heat Exchanger tubes; Distiller tubing.
Temper O61 Annealed

Admiralty C44300 Highly resistant to general corrosion – where pressures, velocities and temperatures are moderate.
Aluminium Brass C68700 These tubes are especially adapted to resist corrosion by both salt and brackish waters.
Copper Nickel 90/10 C70600 This alloy is highly resistant to corrosion by turbulently flowing sea water indicate it to be an excellent condenser tube alloy for salt water use.
Copper Nickel 80/20 C71000 This alloy has intermediate properties between those of 10% and 30% copper nickel. Tubes of this alloy have found widest use in feedwater heaters and evaporators. Seamless Aluminum Brass Tubes
Copper Nickel 70/30 C71500 Condenser tubes of this alloy are giving long and dependable service at sea. It is also highly satisfactory for tubes in evaporators, condensers, and superheaters. Aluminum Brass Tube C68700 ASTM B111 UNS
This alloy is particularly desirable where high temperatures are encountered.

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