1. Durability of copper tubes
Copper tubes have stable chemical properties, cold resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and fire resistance, and can be used in different environments for a long time. The service life of copper pipes can be as long or even longer as that of buildings.

2. Copper pipe is safe and reliable
Copper tubes can withstand extremely cold and hot temperatures. They can be used in a wide range from -196 to 250 degrees, and can adapt to drastic changes in temperature. Their service performance will not be reduced by long-term use and drastic changes in temperature, and aging will not occur. This is beyond the reach of ordinary pipes.

3. Health of copper tubes
Copper pipe has no chemical ingredients such as modifiers, additives and additives for plastic pipe.
Biological studies have shown that E. coli in water supply can no longer reproduce in copper pipes; more than 99% of the bacteria in water are completely killed after entering copper pipes for 5 hours.
The structure of copper pipe is extremely compact and impermeable. No harmful substances, such as grease, bacteria, viruses, oxygen and ultraviolet rays, can pass through it and pollute the water quality.
In addition, the copper tube does not contain chemical additives, and does not burn to release toxic gases to make people suffocate. Copper recycling is conducive to environmental protection and sustainable development of green building materials.

4. Copper pipe connection is strong
There are many kinds of pipe materials on the market, but most of the joint fittings are copper. The connection between copper pipe and copper fittings will greatly enhance the firmness.

Air Conditioner Copper Tube

Air Conditioner Copper Pipes

Round Shape End Cap Copper Tube,Flexible Copper Pipes, Gas Copper Pipes for Construction,Air Conditioner Copper Pipe Air Conditioner Copper Pipes Length: 1m,2m,3m,6m,or as required Hardness: 1/16 hard,1/8 hard,3/8 hard,1/4 hard,1/2 hard,full hard,soft,etc Surface:mill,polished,bright,oiled,hair line,brush,mirror,sand blast,or as required Carbon Content Test Window based software determines the content of carbon on the inner surface of copper tubes […]


Flexible Copper Mold Tube

Flexible Copper Mold Tube

Copper Tubes,Copper Plumbing Tube,C12200 Round Copper Pipe,Copper Plumbing Tube,Round Copper Tube Flexible Copper Mold Tube Standard: ASME SB165, SB111, etc. OD: 6-219.1mm WT: 0.7-12.7mm Length: 0-38000mm Heat treatment: solution annealing, Light Draw, Stress Relieving Heat Treatment Flexible Copper Mold Tube processing:Cold drawn, cold rolled. We will use the PVC to protect the surface, And the […]