Any pipe can be used for a long time,One of the important reasons is that it can be recycled and reused without new pollution. Most materials can not be completely regenerated after application. Even if some of them can be partially utilized, they can not achieve the performance of raw materials in quantity and quality. They consume a lot of energy and processing costs, and are more likely to cause pollution. For example, some plastic pipes, their waste or old pipes can not be recycled, nor can they be degraded, forming pressure on the environment.

More than 90% of the world’s copper tubes can be melted into recycled copper and continue to use. Recycled copper maintains all the superior properties of raw copper, so that copper can be continuously recycled. Installation of copper pipes and fittings in houses is equivalent to a “savings” investment. Decades later, copper fittings are still useful when houses are dilapidated and all other materials and equipment are useless.
It should be noted that: Copper in the regeneration process does not produce toxic gases or other harmful substances, do not produce other waste. This kind of “friendliness” to the environment is not available in other materials. Because of the above advantages of copper pipes, they are widely used in cold and hot water pipes for construction in developed countries and regions. With the continuous improvement of Chinese people’s awareness of copper pipes and the trend of internationalization of architectural design, copper pipes will bring a new concept of healthy pipes in the 21st century.

Refrigeration Copper Tube

Refrigeration Copper Tube

Round Shape End Cap Copper Tube,Flexible Copper Pipes,13mm Air Conditioner Copper Pipe Specifications of Refrigeration Copper Tube Grade: C10200,C11000,C12000,C21000,C22000,etc. OD:2~910mm, WT:0.2~120 mm,Length:1~12 m. Length: 5.8m,6m,11.8m,12m,or as required Hardness :1/16 hard,1/8 hard,3/8 hard,1/4 hard,1/2hard,full hard,soft,etc Surface : mill,polished,bright,oiled,hair line,brush,mirror,sand blast,or as required. Package: Export standard package: bundled wooden box, suit for all kinds of transport or […]


Straight Copper Pipe

Air Conditioner Straight Copper Pipe

Customized Shape Air Conditioning Copper Capillary Tube, Round Shape End Cap Copper Tube Straight Copper Pipe information: Type: Pancake Coil Copper Pipe Application: Air Condition Or Refrigerator Specification:5/32″~7/8″ Length:Customers’ Requirement Cu (Min):99.99% Alloy Or Not:Non-alloy Ultimate Strength (≥ MPa):205-315MPa Elongation (≥ %):3-40% Wall Thickness: 0.28 mm-2.00mm Material: C12200 Copper Single-disc Length:1-5.8m Size:5/32″~7/8″ Thickness: 0.28 mm-2.00mm […]