Customized Copper Decoration Design

When choosing copper decoration, everyone considers the gloss of the copper decoration, color matching, style selection, texture, etc., according to the swatch matching provided by the merchant, select the satisfactory effect.

Customized Copper Decoration Design

Customized Copper Decoration Design

The manufacturer needs to pay attention to the following points when designing:

1. Selection of pattern patterns: It is necessary to consider the pattern style, but also to ensure the characteristics of copper essence, it requires the communication of redundant manufacturers, to understand the designer’s design requirements and craftsmanship is enough to meet the design;

2. Material effect: The copper decoration is subdivided into several types, mainly brass H62. The texture and material of copper T2 are the best. The specific texture and process depend on the strength of the manufacturer;

3. Structural design: Due to the nature of copper, copper is usually soft, so it is common for veneer treatment. Therefore, the thickness of the copper decorative material is also very critical in the design, and the difference in the display effect of the uniformity and flatness of the copper decoration of 0.5 mm and 1.2 mm thickness is relatively large;

4. Processing technology: different copper decoration processing techniques may be different, common etching, forging, color separation, layering, casting, etc., each process, the effect of copper thickness is not The same, this depends on the specific quality of the copper decorative profile and the customer’s requirements.

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