C12200 DHP Copper

Seamless copper tube manufactured to the ASTM B 75 – Standard Specification for Seamless Copper Tube may be either round, square, or rectangular and is suitable for general engineering applications. Tubes meeting this standard may be furnished in any of several tempers (H55, H58, H80, O60, or O50) ranging from light drawn (usually limited to round tubes) to light annealed. It is the responsibility of the purchaser when ordering, to provide the requirements for alloy (UNS#), temper, dimensions (diameter, wall thickness, or distance between parallel surfaces), form (straight lengths or coils), and total length or number of pieces of any particular size. It is this requirement that forces this tube to be a special order tube and not a standard stocked material. Ameritube mainly provides this alloy where there is no corrosion resistance necessary and high heat transfer is required.

Phosphorus-Deoxidized copper tubes – C12200 – are extensively used in sugar refineries for condensers and evaporators. Deoxidized copper is the standard material for transferring heat from steam to water or air because of their excellent resistance to corrosion by fresh water and their high thermal conductivities.

UNS No. C12200 – BSI No. C107 – ISO Name Cu-DHP
Chemical Comp. (%) Cu 99.9 / P 0.015N ~ 0.040
ASTM Spec. B 75, B 111, B 395
ASME Spec. SB 111, SB 395
Applications Condenser, evaporator & heat exchanger tubes; Air conditioning & refrigeration; Plumbing pipes & steam tubes.
Temper H55 Light Drawn / H80 Hard Drawn / O61 Annealed


Properties * Metric English
Density 8.94 g/cm³ 0.323 lb/in³
Tensile Strength 221 ~ 379 MPa 32 ~ 55 ksi
Yield Strength 69 ~ 345 MPa 10 ~ 50 ksi
CTE, linear 17.7 10-6/°C @ 20.0 – 300 °C 9.8 10-6/°F @ 70.0 – 570 °F
Specific Heat Capacity 0.0920 cal/g-°C @ 20ºC 0.0920 BTU/lb-°F @ 70ºF
Thermal Conductivity 339 W/m-K @ 20.0 °C 196 BTU/ft2/ft/h/°F @ 70.0 °F
Melting Point 1083 °C 1981 °F

DWD maintains an inventory of this alloy to alloy for faster delivery to our customers. C12200 DHP Copper is very easy to work, used in a variety of industries from commercial and plumbing applications to industrial and heat transfer tubes. C12200 DHP Copper is also used in chiller applications where the tubes are finned or other surface enhancements are applied. This is also done with C70600 Copper Nickel 90/10, however, the majority of chiller tubes are made from C12200 DHP Copper. windo is experienced in analyzing your tubing needs whether in copper, nickel, steel or otherwise, and our professionals have over 60 years of experience in copper alloys and will guide you through the tube selection process. While many suppliers both in the US and around the world supply copper tubes for a variety of applications, windo focuses on those high touch applications where quality, tolerances, traceability and special requests are needed.

windo has been providing C12200 DHP Copper according to the following standards:

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