Brass casting process is actually an early metal hot working process. Definition of brass casting process: it refers to the processing method of melting solid brass into liquid brass, pouring it into a specific shape mold and waiting for it to solidify.
The minimum temperature required for brass casting process: Generally speaking, it is 960 degrees, which is fast crystallizing. Generally, it is at least 980 degrees, which is the lowest casting temperature. This is high zinc brass, and low zinc brass is even higher.
Advantages of brass casting process: low manufacturing cost, great process flexibility, complex shape and large castings can be obtained, which accounts for a large proportion in mechanical manufacturing, such as machine tools account for 60 ~ 80%, automobiles account for 25% and tractors account for 50 ~ 60%.
Common brass casting methods: generally, there are three brass casting methods, which have been proved to be suitable for brass casting.

1. Lost wax casting:
It is often used in lost wax casting and bronze casting, but it can also be used in brass and any other metal. By using wax molds and ceramic shells, craftsmen can inject molten alloy instead of wax. The artifacts cast by wax loss method can be exquisite and transparent, and have the effect of hollowing out.
2. Die casting:
Die cast brass is cast by another method. The utility model relates to a metal casting process, which is characterized in that a mold cavity is used to apply high pressure to molten metal. Molds are usually made of higher strength alloys, which is somewhat similar to injection molding. Die casting is especially suitable for manufacturing a large number of small and medium-sized castings, so die casting is the most widely used in various casting processes. Compared with other casting technologies, the surface of die casting is smoother and has higher dimensional consistency.
3. Sand casting:
Sand casting is probably the oldest casting and is still a common method, especially for small foundries. Pouring brass into the sand mold can create a unique appearance, which may be the first choice for craftsmen. Because the molding materials used in sand casting are cheap and easy to obtain, and the mold manufacturing is simple, it can adapt to the single piece production, batch production and mass production of castings. For a long time, it has been the basic process in casting production.

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