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China Brass Sheet Specifications:
Available Alloys: 210/ 220/ 230/ 260/ 270/ 280/ 353/ 510/ 524/ 706/ 715/ 752
Available Tempers: Soft/ 1/4 hare/ 3/8 hard/ 1/2 hard full hard/ spring/ special tempers Available Gauges: .016 to .250
Available Widths: 6″/ 12″/ 24″/ 36″/ 48″ depending on alloy required
Available Lengths: 12″ to 192″ as required
Available Surface Condition: Mill/ Polishing and plating quality/ Tin Plated/ Mirror/ Satin
Antique Colors/ Baked Enamel/ PVC and non-adhesive protective covered

Brass sheet 0.5mm, 10cm x 10cm
Brass sheet 0.5mm, 5cm x 5cm
Brass sheet, 0.7 mm, 10 x 5 cm
Brass sheet, 0.9 mm, 10 x 5 cm
Brass sheet 1.2mm, 10cm x 10cm
Brass sheet 1.2mm, 10cm x 5cm
Brass sheet, 0.5mm, 15cm x 15cm
Brass sheet, 0.7mm, 10cm x 10cm
Brass sheet, 0.7mm, 15cm x 15cm
Brass sheet, 0.9mm, 15cm x 15cm

Because of it’s strength and cosmetic qualities brass sheet is often used in decorative hardware such as door locking mechanisms and hinges because of it’s durability, strength and cosmetic value. Doorknobs made from brass sheet have also retained their functional and decorative value for generations. Many musical instruments utilize this metal form including coronets, tubas,trumpets, flugelhorns and trombones. The military still uses the bugle in ceremonies such as “taps” to signal the end of the day and flag lowering. The arts and crafts industry uses brass sheets to make decorative pots, vases, bowls and many other items. These brass sheets are often required in designing and assembling trophies, elevator interiors, wall panels, letters and numbered architectural decorative applications. The metal form is also used in the manufacture of lamps, plates, flatware, trim, kick plates, door pulls, lighting switch plates, footrails, handrails, door knobs, cabinet hardware, high grade ovens, planters, name plates, handbag trim and decorative parts and many other applications requiring brass sheeting. The use of this metal form has been used for jewelry since ancient Roman times and still is today.

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