CZ108 CW508L Basis Brass

//CZ108 CW508L Basis Brass
  • CZ108 CW508L Basis Brass

CZ108 CW508L Basis Brass, CZ108 (CW508L) Brass Alloy, Rolled brass, excellent strength alpha phase brasses, CuZn37 brass roll coil sheet, Yellow Brass – C27200 China Supplier

CZ108 CW508L Basis Brass is a 37% zinc containing brass commonly referred to as basis brass. Predominantly an alpha brass it is one of the most popular sheet and plate grades due to its hot and cold working capabilities.

CW508L / CZ108 is often used for general purpose applications and forming operations when very good bending properties are required. It also offers a very good general corrosion resistance in many natural atmospheres, a reasonable machinability and good cold heading properties. brass edging copper strip sheet, View brass strip sheet

Related Specifications

CW508L CZ108
C27200 CuZn37

Chemical Composition

Copper 62.0-65.0%
Lead 0.30% max
Zinc Rem
Others            0.50% max

Key Features

  • Good hot and cold forming properties
  • Good Corrosion resistance
  • Very good cold heading attributes
  • Good strength properties

Typical Physical Properties

Melting Point 920°C
Density 8.45 g/cm³
Specific Heat 380 J/Kg°K
Thermal conductivity (RT) 125 W/m°K
Thermal expansion coefficient (20-200°C) 21 x 10-6 / °C
Electrical conductivity 26 % IACS
Electrical Resistivity 0.066 ohm mm2/m
Modulus of Elasticity 103.4 GPa

Fabrication Properties

Hot Working Temperature Range 720-820°C
Hot Formability Good
Cold Formability Good
Cold Reduction Between Anneals 65%
Machinability rating 
(free cutting brass = 100)
35 %
Annealing Temp. Range 450-650°C
Stress Relieving Temp. Range 250-350°C

 Joining Methods

Soldering Excellent
Brazing Excellent
Oxy-acetylene welding Good
Gas-shielded arc welding Fair
Resistance welding:   Spot and Seam Fair
                               Butt Good

Typical Uses:

The CW508L / CZ108 is used for a variety of decorative components as well as general components such as heat exchangers, lamp caps, lamp-holder and switch components, general copper-smithing work, chains, eyelets, fasteners, hinges, locks, instrument covers and blanked articles such as instrument plates and wheels. Other uses include cold headed items including pins, rivets, screws, springs, radiator tanks and torch cases. CZ101 CW501L Gilding Brass

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