CW505L CZ106 Cartridge Brass

//CW505L CZ106 Cartridge Brass
  • CW505L CZ106 Cartridge Brass

CW505L CZ106 Cartridge Brass, CZ106 (CW505L) Brass Alloy, alpha brass, excellent strength alpha phase brasses, Cartridge brass sheet, Cartridge Brass – Yellow Brass – C26000

The CW505L / CZ106 Cartridge Brass is an alpha brass sometimes referred to as cartridge brass, with an approximate zinc content of 30% with the balance of the composition being copper.
CW505L / CZ106 exhibits an excellent combination of strength and ductility for the alpha phase brasses. This grade is used for its outstanding deep drawing properties and excellent cold workability.

Related Specifications

CW505L CZ106
C26000 CuZn30

Chemical Composition

Copper 68.5-71.5%
Lead 0.05% max
Iron 0.05% max
Zinc Rem
Others            0.30% max

Key Features

  • Superb cold forming properties
  • Excellent deep drawing characteristics
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Optimum combination of strength and ductility for alpha brasses

Typical Physical Properties

Melting Point 965°C
Density 8.55 g/cm³
Specific Heat 380 J/Kg°K
Thermal conductivity (RT) 121 W/m°K
Thermal expansion coefficient (20-200°C) 19 x 10-6 / °C
Electrical conductivity 28 % IACS
Electrical Resistivity 0.062 ohm mm2/m

Fabrication Properties

Hot Working Temperature Range 750-870°C
Hot Formability Fair
Cold Formability Excellent
Cold Reduction Between Anneals 90%
Machinability rating

(free cutting brass = 100)

30 %
Annealing Temp. Range 450-680°C
Stress Relieving Temp. Range 250-350°C

Joining Methods

Soldering Excellent
Brazing Excellent
Oxy-acetylene welding Good
Gas-shielded arc welding Fair
Resistance welding:   Spot and Seam Fair
                              Butt Good

Typical Uses:

The CW501L / CZ106 is used for a variety of components including lamp caps and lamp-holder components, heat exchanger tubes handling fresh clean water, chains, eyelets, fastenings, hinges, locks, fingerplates, fire extinguisher bodies, sugar evaporators and juice heaters in chemical processing and a wide variety of deep drawn or spun components and general industrial pressings. Custom Large Diameter Admiralty Brass Pipes C44300

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