Steel Making Cooper Mould Tube Copper Pipe

//Steel Making Cooper Mould Tube Copper Pipe
  • Steel Making Cooper Mould Tube Copper Pipe

Steel Making Cooper Mould Tube Copper Pipe, Copper Mould Tube, Round Shape End Cap Copper Tube, Flexible Copper Pipes, Gas Copper Pipes for Construction
Copper Tube
Application: Mini Steel Plant, making steel castings
Specification: 100mmx100mm
Grade: Red Copper Cudhp Cuag CuCrZr Cooper
Length: 900mm
Cu (Min): 99.99%
Alloy Or Not:Is Alloy
Ultimate Strength (≥ MPa): custom
Elongation (≥ %): drawing
Wall Thickness: 8mm~12mm
Outside Diameter: 123mm per drawing
Processing Service: Forming, Polishing, Electroplating, Tempering, Quenching, Engrooving, Cleaning, Laser inscription
Machining Parts: ccm Spare Parts
User: Steel Plant
Yield per piece: ≥ 4000 Ton per tube
Taper type: diamold / convex / parabolic / multi / single taper
Radios: CCM R2m R4m R5m R6m R8m R9m
Cladding material: hard chrome Nickel Chromium
Lifetime: >200 heat
Steel Making Cooper Mould Tube Copper Pipe:
We are one of the leading and well recognized names in the field of offering of Copper Tubes that find application in Air conditioning and Refrigeration Systems. Over the years, their has been a steady rise in use of copper tube in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems because of the superior quality of copper as a metal and its unique abilities to meet needs of ACR industry. Backed by stringent new requirements, these are designed to achieve superior process efficiency as well as assist in bringing reductions in harmful emissions.

The range we can deliver include but are not limited to Plain Tubes, Pancake Coils , Brass Tubes, Copper Tubes for Water and Gas. We ensure that these are supplied in specified lengths in half hard conditions with ideal temper for cold bending and forming, thus allowing them to easily bend with a bending spring. Some of the other features that make these tubes highly preferred in the industry for hot & cold water, central heating and gas services installations include light weight finish and ability to withstand high internal pressures. Some of the application areas these are ideal for include Drinking Water, Central Heating, Hot and Cold Water, Industrial & Medical Gas Transportation, Copper Tubes for General Engineering applications.

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