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  • C360 Hex Brass Rod

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We offer an extensive range of precision engineered C360 Hex Brass Rod, Brass Hex Rods, which finds huge applications in various industries such aviation, defense and construction. These are renowned for their tolerance to heat, corrosion resistance and high strength. Our range of products are made using advanced technologies and engineering methods. The rods offered by us, are excellent for auto
machining and also for fabricating wide-range of components. The assortment of Brass Hex Rods is available in various dimensions and sizes as per the demands of clients.

360 Brass Hex Rods Bars
Brass is an excellent choice for applications that require an attractive appearance and corrosion resistance. Brass hex bars are easily drilled, machined and sawed.
Brass Hex Bar
Uses include base plates, decorative work, braces and housewares.

DWD Brass & Copper supplies Alloy 360 free-cutting brass hex bar, also known as keystock. 360 brass hex bar has a semi-smooth, yellow-brass finish with defined hexagonal edges. This free machining brass is a great candidate for most processing techniques and corrosion resistance. Brass hex bar size ranges from 1/4″ to 1 7/8″ and meets ASTM B16 standards. Other sizes are available upon request. All alloy 360 brass hex bar is cut to order from your specifications. Typical uses of free cutting brass include architectural, ornamental, industrial, and plumbing projects. The most common fabrication processes for 360 brass are machining, roll threading, and knurling.

HEX Brass Rods Typical Uses
360 Free Cutting Brass
Terrazzo strip
Sensor bodies, threaded inserts for plastic, fluid connectors, thermostat parts
Builders Hardware
Lock bodies, hardware, fittings
Hot combs (to straighten hair)
Bolts, nuts, screws
Faucet components, pneumatic fittings, fluid connectors, automatic screw machine parts, unions, adapters, screw machine products, gauges, valve seats, valve trim, valve stems, nozzles, pinions, gears
Plumbers’ brass goods, faucet stems, faucet seats, plumbing fittings
DWD Brass & Copper has been in the metal industry since 2003. Please contact one of our knowledgeable sales staff to help you with your Various Style Brass Rods & Bars needs.

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