C68700 Aluminium Brass Tubes

C68700 Aluminium Brass Tubes manufacturer, stockist & suppliers in India, brass pipes | Brass, Admiralty brass, Aluminium brass Tubes | Brass coils | Brass flat | Brass pipes & tubes, Brass Tubes C28000, Brass Tubes C27000, Brass Tubes C26000, Brass Tubes C23000, ASTM B135M Seamless Brass Tubes etc. DOWEDO has C68700 Aluminium Brass Tubes inventory [...]

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Aluminum Brass tubes – C68700

Aluminum Brass tubes – C68700 Inhibited Aluminum Brass tubes – C68700 - resists the action of high-velocity salt and blackish water and is commonly used for condenser tubes. The main characteristic of C68700 is its high resistance to impingement attack. Tubes of this alloys are recommended for use in Marine and Land Power Stations, in which [...]

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