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  • Copper metal

Copper metal

COPPER Copper metal is known and loved for its electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. Copper is sought after by artists, machinists and architects alike, due to its beauty, malleability, conductivity and machinability. Our copper materials are available in 8 various shapes and several alloys in customizable sizes, as well as variety sample packs. View the [...]

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  • Lattice Copper Earth Mats

Lattice Copper Earth Mats

Lattice Copper Earth Mats - Copper lattice earth mats manufactured from 25 x 3mm SD C101 copper tape riveted together in lattice form. These copper earth mats provide reliable earthing in high fault-current applications and cover a wide surface area, enabling good earthing contact with surrounding soil. Lattice Copper Earth Mats They are [...]

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  • Bare Copper Tape

Bare Copper Tape

Bare Copper Tape - Our range of Bare copper tapes are widely applicable for switch terminals, electrical conductors, etc. Available in different sizes as per the client's requirement. High conductivity cu tapes to bs - 1432 - c101 / c103 Bare Copper Tape Conductor (A x B) mm Product Code 20 x 1.5 [...]

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