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Riveting Brass Rods, Square Brass Bars, Brass Half Hard Square Bar, Brass Solid Square Bar, Square Brass Rod, Flat Brass Extruded Rods, Flat Rods Brass, C360 Straight Square Brass China Supplier

Riveting Brass Rods –
IS 4170 CuZn40
BS 2874 CZ109
JIS 3250 H C2800
ASTM B171 C 36500
IS 4413 CuZn37
BS 2872 CZ108
Chemical Requirements CuZn35Pb1 CuZn35
Copper 62.0 – 65.0% 63.0 – 68.0%
Lead 0.75 to 1.50% 0.02% max.
Iron 0.10% max 0.05% max
Total Imp. 0.50% max 0.30% max
Zinc Remainder Remainder
Physical Properties
Condition T.S. MPa EL% Min T.S. MPa EL% Min
Quarter Hard (HA) 325-390 30.00% 340-345 30.00%
Half-Hard (HB) 400-490 20.00% 420-510 15.00%
Hard (HD) 500-685 15.00% – –
Extra Hard (HE) 695-885 5.00% – –
Fabrication Properties
Capacity for being
Cold forming Excellent
Machinability Rating 70.00%
Bending Excellent
Riveting Excellent
Ductile Alloy with good combination of bending as well as cold heading properties

Brass square bars (alloys) Square Forging Brass Bars
CW614N (Cu Zn39 Pb3)
CW713R (Cu Zn37 Mn3 Al2 Pb Si)
From these materials, we manufacture:
cuttings in nearly all requested lengths
parts as per drawing
Other alloys and dimensions on request.

Flat Brass Square Bars
Extensive warehouse stocks of a wide variety of brass alloys ensure we stay flexible. We don‘t simply stock the standards such as Cu Zn37 or Cu Zn39 Pb.
Our portfolio also extends to special alloys such as Cu Zn37 Mn3 Al2 Pb Si, Cu Zn35 Ni3 Mn2 Al Pb and many more – stocked as bars, sheets, plates, tubes and sections.

C360 H02 BRASS
Alloy 360 round free-cutting brass rod is best suited for applications with electrical conductivity, non sparking, and good corrosion resistance characteristics. Common fabrication processes are machining, roll threading, and knurling. With a smooth gold-like appearance that is easy to polish, can be used for architectural, automotive, builders hardware, and plumbing projects.

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