Heat Exchanger Square Copper Capillary Mould Tube

//Heat Exchanger Square Copper Capillary Mould Tube
  • Heat Exchanger Square Copper Capillary Mould Tube

Heat Exchanger Square Copper Capillary Mould Tube, C68700/C71500/C70620 Copper Mould Tubes, Copper Rectangular Tubes, Continuous Casting Copper Mold Tube, Crystallizer Copper Tubes for CCM China Factory

We are esteemed exporter of copper mould tubes (Heat Exchanger Square Copper Capillary Mould Tube) to various contries within required time and highest quality standards.
Products Parameters:
Material: Phosphorized copper/TP2, Cu-AG, Cu-Cr-Zr
Moudld types: Square. Rectangular, Round, H types and so on.
Coatings: Chromium; Nickel and Cobalt; Ni-Co+Cr composite coating(Ni-Te, Ni-Co, Co-Ni)
Taper: Single taper, Multi-taper; Parabolic taper; Taper such as compound
Specification: Billet 60×60 or 450x450mm
Rectangular Billet: 120×340 or 365x480mm
Round Billet: Φ 90-500mm
Length: 700~1000mm
Arc radius: R3500~R16000mm
Place of Origin: China(Mainland)
Packaging Detail: strong sea worthy Wooden Cases or as per your requirement

Copper mould is placed in the heart position of continuous casting machine (CCM), its function is to solidify the liquid steel pouring through the Submerged entry nozzle(SEN), guarantees required billet/bloom/slab with enough thick shell to be obtained. Copper mould plays a crucial role in increasing con-casting efficiency as well as improving steel quality.

Square Copper Tubes Material: Phosphorized copper, silver copper, chrome-zircon copper
Plating: Chrome; Nickel-cobalt; Ni-Co+Cr composite plating; (Ni-Co, Co-Ni)
Taper: Signal taper, multi-taper, parabolic taper and composite taper etc.
Specification: Square billet: 60× 60~450× 450(mm)
Rectangular billet: 120× 340~365× 480(mm)
Round bilet: 90~500(mm)
Length: 700~1000(mm)

We assure our products is of high quality and competitive price. We sell not only items, but also our sevice attitude to cater to more and more clients. We look forward to your reply.

Types Size Camber Radius Thickness Length
Square tubes 50×50 – 500×500 4000-17000 6-50 700-1000
Rectangular Tubes 100×340-500×650 4000-17000 6-50 700-1000
Round Tubes 110-1200 5000-17000 10-50 700-1000
H-Beam Tubes 70×50-120×520 6000-17000 12-50 780-1016
Non-standard tubes 70×50-120×520 6000-17000 12-50 780-1016

Advantages: Leading technology, stable quality, low cost.
10-25mm thickness water seam cooling which have high strength cooling and well proportioned cooling,
Fine quality casting blank, thick mold blank shell and unlikely leakage. Suitable for casting straight carbon steel, low alloy,
High and medium carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel etc.

  • Affordable price
  • Customized design is Available
  • T/T, L/C or other payment accepted
  • Fast shipping, Worldwide delivery
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Bulk discounts for larger orders

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