Forging Brass Rods

//Forging Brass Rods
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Forging Brass Rods, Leaded Brass Extrusion Fittings, High Tensile Round Brass Rods, Forging Free Cutting Brass Bars, Brass Sections & Profiles, Profile and Flat Brass Rods, Round Extrusion Rod Brass , Brass Hollow Rods free machining brass or leaded brass

Forging Brass Rods
Use: It is mainly used for manufacturing forged components and pressing materials like knobs, hardware’s, handles, valve and fuse bodies, brass battery terminal connectors, valve components, defence components etc.
• Cz122
• IS 8737
• IS 3488/80

Chemical Requirements CuZn42Pb2 CuZn40Pb2
Copper 56.5 – 60.0% 57.0 – 59.0%
Lead 0.60 to 2.0% 1.5 to 2.5%
Iron 0.30% max 0.40% max
Total Imp. Excl. Iron 0.20% max 0.70% max
Zinc Remainder Remainder
Physical Properties
Tensile Strength 380 Mpa Min 40 kg/mm2 Min.
Elongation % 25% Min 18% Min.
Izod Value 2.0 KJ min
Fabrication Properties
Capacity for being
Cold worked Poor Poor
Hot formed Excellent Excellent
Hot forgeability rating 100% 100%
Machinability Rating 80% 80%
Suitability for soldering Excellent Excellent
Suitability for Brazing Good Good

Shape Size
Round Extrusion Rod Round Rods 4mm to 100mm
Brass Bars Brass Bars 4mm to 100mm
Rectangle Bars Rectangle Bars 4mm to 60mm
Square Rod Square Rod / Bars 4mm to 60mm
Brass Hollow Rods Brass Hollow Rods As per requirement

Brass Rods
We are manufacturer of brass rods and brass bars with wide range of alloy grades and profiled shapes like round, bar, hex and other customized shapes. Our brass extrusion rods size ranges from 4mm diameter to 100mm as per required material grade. All our products are compulsorily passed through spectrometer testing for alloy composition testing and hence we guarantee the material grade composition.  High Tensile Brass Rods

Brass Copper Fittings (CHINA) provide a full range of brass products which comply with international quality standards. The brass sections and profiles are manufactured at our state of the art facility and are available in different applicable shapes used in the industry. We also provide the value added services of manufacturing a customized design as required by our clients. The superior quality brass sections and profiles crafted by DOWEDO can be applied to the manufacturing of indispensable items like nuts, screws, pinions, gears and bodies. Apart from this, the durable brass sections and profiles can be used to manufacture long lasting locks and shafts along with assembling automat parts.

We manufacture brass sections and brass profiles in various shapes or as per customer’s requirement in confirmation to different International Standards. These brass sections and profiles find application in the manufacture of Brass Components. Free Machining Brass Rods, Leaded Brass Rods Extrusion Fittings
Some of the leading and quality conscious manufacturers of Brass components engaged in industries like Engineering, Electrical, Electronics, Automobiles, Building Hardware, Sanitary ware etc.

We specialize in copper alloys extrusion of various sizes. In addition to basic shapes like round, square, & hex; we also manufacture a host of other specialized ranging from 2.5 mm to 80 mm and any Section as per customized requirement. A comprehensive list of the products manufactured by us is given below. BRASS EXTRUSIONS & PROFILE SECTIONS, Brass Sections and Profiles

Brass Profiles and Sections
Leaded Brass Sections
Uses: The alloy has a bright yellow colour on the surface of extruded sections. Suitable for different types of section.
An index to an extensive range of Brass Sections that we manufacture is as follows.
Auto Industries
Spectacles & Watch
Electrical Industries
Hardware Industries
Engineering Industries
Locks & Safety Equipments

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Product Range

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