Forged Brass Tube For Synchronizer Rings

//Forged Brass Tube For Synchronizer Rings
  • Forged Brass Tube For Synchronizer Rings

Forged Brass Tube For Synchronizer Rings / Transmission Rings, forging brass tubes used in synchronizer brass ring, manual transmission and automatic transmission brass material tubing, Forged Brass Tube for Transmission synchronizer brass blocking ring

Forged Brass Tube For Synchronizer Rings – Big Diamter 200mm Brass Thick Tubes, 10mm Thickness
C2800 C2720 CUZN37 H62 H63 Brass Tube,

Forged Brass Tube for Auto Parts transfer case gearbox synchroinizer ring
Fit for:auto cars trucks
Process Art:Forging
material:Brass Iron steel
size: Refer to technical drawing

Windo Brass Copper Ltd. maintains an inventory of C27200, C33000, and C44300 brass tubing. Copper Alloy 272 possesses an excellent capacity for being cold worked, but is not adaptable to being hot worked. C330 is only produced in tube form and is generally suitable for minimal corrosive conditions. The lead content precludes successful welding, but common machine processes include: machining, forming, piercing, and punching. C443 offers excellent cold workability for forming and bending.
C272 Brass Tube
C330 Leaded Brass Tube
C443 Brass Tube

Windo Brass Copper Ltd. has served the metal industry for over 90 years. Our experienced sales teams are available 24/7 to assist you in your brass tubing needs. Contact us today!

(C27200, C33000) – 1/8” OD thru 3” OD with various wall thicknesses
(C44300) – 5/8” OD thru 1” OD with various wall thicknesses
ASTM Standard Designations for (C27200, C33000): ASTM B135
ASTM Standard Designations for (C44300): ASTM B111
ASME Standard Designations for (C44300): ASME SB111

These round tubes are brass, very strong but light weight. Each size telescopes into the next corresponding size. For use in plumbing, HVAC and automotive. It can be soldered, glued, polished, cut and bent to whatever shape required.

Cut to desired length
Tubes are individually bar coded for ease of sale
Easy to bend and cut
Endless project uses
Round shaped hollow tube
Its is easy to use
It is highly durable

automotive industry in the area of synchronizer ring production. The company develops and produces high-performance brass and steel synchronizer rings for all application areas. Our products fulfil exacting requirements with respect to precise geometry, high wear-resistance and strength.

We offers a wide brass tube selection for synchronizer rings. These generate stable friction and wear behavior under various and even extreme loads.

For modern high-performance transmissions, we primarily develop synchronizer rings with carbon layers of the brand Diehl BlackLine. Compared to commonly used friction layers, these offer considerable advantages in terms of service life. Forged Brass Tube For Transmission Rings

The advantages at a glance:

Maximum performance and overload capacity
Outstanding oil compatibility and wear resistance
Customized solutions at a cost-efficient and technical level

C360 Solid Leaded Brass Rod

Inner Grooved Copper Pipes

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  • Customized design is Available
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Product Range

TYPE Brass Tube Round Circle
APPLICATION Industry , Construction , Furniture
C26200 C2600 CuZn30 H68 CuZn30 CZ106
C27000 C2680 CuZn35 H65 CuZn33 CZ107
C27400 C2720 CuZn40 H62 CuZn37 CZ109
C28000 C2800 CuZn40 H59 CuZn40 CZ109
C37000 C3710 CuZn39Pb1 HPb59-1 CuZn40Pb2 CZ120
TEMPER Hard(Y) / Half Hard (Y2) / Soft (M)    / Light Soft(M2)
DIMENSIONS Per Your Requirement
PACKING Carton Boxes / Sealed Wooden Pallets
PAYMENT T.T / L.C At Sight
MOQ 300 Kgs
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