Copper C12200 Finned Tube Coil as Refrigeration Heat Exchanger

//Copper C12200 Finned Tube Coil as Refrigeration Heat Exchanger
  • Copper C12200 Finned Tube Coil as Refrigeration Heat Exchanger

Copper C12200 Finned Tube Coil as Refrigeration Heat Exchanger Refrigeration Condenser / Refrigeration Evaporator Tin-Plated Surface Copper C12200 / C12000 Finned Tube Coil as Heater in Drinking Water Systems​, Energy Saving Finned Copper Coil Heat exchanger For Process Coolers 0.75MM Wall Thickness, COPPER HOLLOW TUBE – SPECIAL BRASS TUBE – CUSTOMIZED BRASS TUBE CHINA SUPPLIER FACTORY

Copper C12200 Finned Tube Coil as Refrigeration Heat Exchanger Refrigeration Condenser / Refrigeration Evaporator Detailed Product Description
Material: C12000 / C12200 / C70600 Outer Diameter: 27.5mm
Inner Diameter: 16.5mm Wall Thickness: 1mm
Fin Height: 4.5mm FPI: 11
High Light: finned tube coil, finned coil heat exchangers

Quick Details:
1. Tube based on roll forming process
2. High thermal conductivity and compact design
3. Save cost and assembling space due to higher efficiency
4. ISO 9001:2008 quality certified
5. Well sold in USA, Australia, Germany, etc.

1. Optimized heat exchange performance of raw material with extruding process
2. Compact design consuming less assembling space
3. Flexible for customized design after soft annealing
4. Copper is a hygienic and antimicrobial material for use in drink water systems
5. Tin plating for both inside and outside surface is possible, if requested
6. Easier to stock after surface treatment
7. Resistance to both vibration and corrosion
8. Cost saving from longer service life and less assembling space

Tube Number Code System

Take Tube Number M-11045.180100.00 as example

M 11 045 180 100 00
 M=Medium Height



Minimum fins per Inch Fin Height in 1/10 mm Minimum Root Diameter in 1/10 mm Root Wall-thickness in 1/100 mm Code of Inner Surface




Process Flow:
1. Order raw material due to customers’ requirements.
2. Inspection on raw material at arrival
3. Roll forming the fin tube, while monitoring the whole process / Extruding or finning process
4. Cut into required length
5. Inspection on specification of finned tube
6. If required, we provide de-fin process, soft annealing, bending and coiling, welding connectors
7. Clean procedure, pressure test and drying
8. Packing for delivery

The finned tube coils or heat exchangers are mainly used in heating(gas-fired boilers, condensing boilers, flue gas condensers), in heating of drink waters and as tankless water heaters, in mechanical and automotive engineering(oil coolers, mine coolers, air coolers for diesel engines), in chemical engineering(gas coolers and heater, process cooler), in power plants(air cooler, cooling tower), and in nuclear engineering(uranium enrichment plants).

WINDO use modern upgraded equipment for manufacturing standard product for our clients. We have employees who work with dedication, and sincerely, we use advanced equipment properly. From the reliable vendors, we order high-quality material for production or manufacturing hollow brass tubes. We adopted a rigid development process to deliver not only a brass hollow Pipes of premium quality but also all standard features. Tin Plated Surface Copper Finned Tube Coils

SPECIAL Hollow Brass Rectangular Pipe  , Hollow Brass tubes is made from an alloy. It is a high demand for industrial products industries for different applications. It is more durable, malleable in front of steel and iron, and used for massive duty purposes. It can be used for marine water applications. They can also be solder with copper and contain excellent ductility and conductivity.   ASTM B111 UNS C12200 Copper Tube This alloy offer versatility in features and specifications due to these it is used for a wide range of applications. Brass Tube won’t start decomposing quickly, it has high resistant to fight against oxidation and reducing agents. It has high strength and long last durability and available in different specifications.

  • Affordable price
  • Customized design is Available
  • T/T, L/C or other payment accepted
  • Fast shipping, Worldwide delivery
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Bulk discounts for larger orders

Product Range

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