Copper Based Alloy Tubes

//Copper Based Alloy Tubes

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Copper Based Alloy Tubes Features:
Product Range:
* Out side Diameter : 5mm – 250mm
* Wall thickness : 0.5mm (Min.)
* Length : Max. 27,000mm.

* Straight copper tube
* Level Wound Copper Tube.
* Fan Cake Copper Tube.

* Air Condition
* Refreigeneration
* Condenser
* Heat Exchanger and Boiler
* Construction
We, DOWEDO Metals has been an manufacture and exporter producing copper & alloy tube and all kind of finned tubes.
Our production ranges are stainless steel tube, copper tube and alloy tube, Aluminum brass tube, Copper Nickel Tube, Seamless/ERW Carbon steel tube, Seamless/ERW stainless tube, All kind of finned tubes for power plant, Heat exchanger, Cooling tower, shipbuilding.

air condition copper tubes
Copper is known for its malleability and ductility, heat conductivity, and electrical conductivity. In industrial use, it is typically specified where there is a need for either ductility (plumbing or roofing applications) or electrical conductivity (such as for electromagnets, electrical motors, or wave guides). Storm’s copper bar can be easily machined into bus bars of many applications with various hole patterns and lengths.
Manufactured to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) B187, B152 and B283-09 specification standards for copper and copper alloy.
Electrolytic-Tough-Pitch: C11000 copper is 99.90% Copper and .04% Oxygen, for hard-drawn sheet and plate offering high thermal and electrical conductivity with low ground resistance.
DOWEDO Metals maintains an extensive inventory of C11000 (ETP) Electrolytic Tough Pitch copper full round-edge and square-edge copper bus bar, round rod, and square bar. Copper C110 has become the industry standard for electrical conductivity. In addition, we maintain inventory of C102, C145, C172 & C173 copper alloys, in rods & bars.
DOWEDO Metals’s Copper Ltd. has been in the metal industry since 1920; our knowledgeable sales staff is available to help you with your copper bar needs. Please contact us today.

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Product Range

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