Brass Precision Bush

//Brass Precision Bush

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Brass Precision Bush – Export quality brass bushes manufactured under team of highly professional experts in the Industry.
“Brass Plain Bushes” are available at very competitive price with customer’s specific requirements with complying with international Norms & standards.
Materials and Standards

Leaded Brasses

Free Cutting Brass
ASTM B 455/ B 16 C38500 / C36000 / BS 2874 CZ-121Pb3, Cz124 Grade 1/2/3/ JIS 3250 H C3604, C3602 IS-319-1 &2, BS-249, CW607N, CW603N, CW614N
Forging Brass
ASTM B 124 C37700 / BS 2874 CZ 122 / IS 3488 Forging Brass / CW608N
High Tensile Brass
IS 320 HT1 or HTB-3 / BS 2874 CZ114 & Cz115 / JIS 3250H C6782 or C6873, BS1001-Type 1&2, IS 8737-2
Riveting Brass
IS 4170 CuZn40 BS 2874 Cz109 / JIS 3250H C2800 / ASTM B171 C36500 / IS 4413 CuZn37 / BS 2872 CZ 108, Cz131/ CW509L / CW610L
Nickel Silver
IS 10757 Nickel Silver / BS 2874 NS 101 / ASTM 79830 / NM3 / Nm6 / CW402J

Lead Free Brasses

70/30 Brass
ASTM B 135 C26000/ BS 2871 Part 3 CZ- 126/EN 1245 CuzN30 / JIS H 3300 C2600 / As 1572 26130 / CW505L CuZn30As/ NFA 51 102
65/35 Brass
ASTM B 135 C27000 / CuZn35/ BS Cz107 / CW507L
63/37 Brass
ASTM B 135 C27000 / JIS H 33000 C 27000 / IOS 1637 CuZn37, ASTM C27200, C27400, IS4413 Grade 1& 2, CW508L / CW705R
60/40 Brass
IS 4170 / 67 ASTM C36500, CZ109, JIS3250H C-2800 / CW610N
Red Brass
ASTM B 135 C 23000 / BS 2870 CZ 102 / JIS H3300 C 2300 ASTM C69400, C69430 / CW502L
Naval Brass
Grade 1&2 / BS 2874 CZ 112/ JIS 3250 C4622/ ASTM C48200, C48500, C46200, C46400/ CW711R / CW714R
DZR/ECO Brass C27450/C35200/C36300/C36500/CW610L

High Workability (Easy to use for precision application)
Corrosion resistant
Attractive appearance
Brass has good heat and electrical conductivity
Brass is wear and spark resistant.
Brass is Low friction and non-magnetic alloy.
Nowadays Dezincification resistant brasses (DZR) are used in various applications.
Flexibility: Variety of brass Grades can be made for various applications.
Size: We can manufacture any size as per customer drawing and specification
Finishing:Zinc plating, Nickel plating, Chrome plating, Polishing, Sand blasting, Anodizing.
Packing: High quality export standard packing provided in form of Wood case, Carton, Wooden Pallets and as per requirements of customer. 110 Square Copper Rectangular Bars
Delivery Time: In given time.

Order process

1. If you need to customize brass bush, please consult customer service personnel.
2. Detailed drawings of brass bush to be customized will be sent to customer service personnel (no drawings can be mailed samples)
3. We will quote according to the drawings or samples and calculate the time limit for the project. Then we will feedback the information to our relatives in time.
4. By confirming the quotation and deciding to customize the brass bush in our company, we can make a contract and place an order for payment, and pay 30% in advance before production.
5. If we need sample confirmation, we will send the first sample to our relatives for confirmation, confirming that there is no problem, and we will produce it in batches. Customed Size Brass Bush
6. We will complete the production within the expected time limit. If the delivery date is abnormal, we will notify our relatives in advance. Pay the final payment before delivery, we will arrange delivery in time. Brass Male Bush Large
7. If unqualified dimensions occur during the use of products, please contact customer service personnel in time.

Material Brand of Common Brass Tube:

Grade USA U.K Germany Japan
H85 C23000 CZ102 CuZn15 C2300
H80 C24000 CZ103 CuZn20 C2400
H70 C26000 CZ106 CuZn30 C2600
H68 C26200 / CuZn33 /
H65 C27000 CZ107 CuZn36 C2700
H63 C27200 CZ108 CuZn37 C2720
H62 C28000 CZ109 / C2800
  • Affordable price
  • Customized design is Available
  • T/T, L/C or other payment accepted
  • Fast shipping, Worldwide delivery
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Bulk discounts for larger orders

Product Range

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