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Brass Hex Bushings, Lead Free Brass fittings, Brass Threaded Hex Bushings pipe fitting, Brass Copper Fittings, Chrome-Plated & Low-Lead Red Brass Hex Bushings, Lead-Free Brass Threaded Hex Bushing

Brass Hex Bushings Class 250 have thicker walls to handle higher pressures. Use in air, water, oil, natural gas, and steam applications. Max. pressure: 400 psi at 72°F; 250 psi at 400°F steam Temp. range: 0° to 400°F.

Chrome-Plated Brass Hex Bushings Class 125 are generally used in hospitals, schools, commercial bathroom installations, and other plumbing applications where yellow brass cannot be used. NPT connections. Max. pressure: 125 psi Temp. range: 60° to 250°F.

Low-Lead Red Brass Hex Bushings Class 125 help resist corrosion from water, heat, saltwater, acids, minerals, and heavy soils. Use with air, water, natural gas, and steam in commercial and residential buildings. Certified for use in potable water applications. Max. pressure: 125 psi Temp. range: -20° to 400°F.

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Metal Brass Threaded Pipe Fitting, Hex Bushing, 1″ Male x 1/2″ Female
Approved to ANSI/NSF 61-4 California AB 1953
Meets Federal State Drinking Water Act, Lead Free Requirement
Brass fittings conform to AWWA C800
Brass castings conform to ASTM B584, UNS Alloy C89833
Brass fittings dimensions conform to ASME B16.15
NPT threads on all fittings conform to ASME B1.20.1
Brass unions conform to specification A-A-59617
Manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2008
Thread protectors on all male threads
Fittings have SCI trademark and are 100% air tested

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