Big Scrap Round Copper Bars

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  • Big Scrap Round Copper Bars

Big Scrap Round Copper Bars, Beryllium Round Bars Copper Alloys, Rectangular Bars, C17200 C17300 C17500 C17510 CuCr1Zr Electrode RWMA Class CuCrZr CuCr1Zr C18150 RWMA COPPER ALLOYS BAR, Chromium Zirconium Copper Scrap round bar, flat bar, square bar, Electrode Copper Rod China Supplier

Big Scrap Round Copper Bars Rods features:
For more than three decades, we has provided top-dollar payouts for scrap metal, scrap aluminum and scrap copper, precious metals and other recyclable metals. For your convenience, our locally and family-owned business also processes and trades the metals. Representatives Available for on-Site Consultations State-Certified Recycler • State-Certified Scales • Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce

Typical Application for C18150 Chromium Zirconium Copper Alloys:
Electrical Industry: Resistance Welding Electrodes, Circuit Breaker Switches
Consumer: Rod Extensions, Pencil-type, Light Soldering Guns, Tips
Industrial: Welding Wheels, Tips and Rod extensions for resistance seam and spot welding

CuCrNi2Si – UNS.C18000 Copper Chromium Nickel Silicon Alloys, which also called Beryllium Free Copper alloy, meets the mechanical requirements of RWMA Class 3 Copper, is a very hard heat treatable copper based alloy with an economical higher strength and high conductivity, and C18000 Alloys is utilized when a combination of very good mechanical strength along with moderate electrical and thermal electrical conductivity are required. Furthermore, C18000 alloy is an excellent substitute for copper beryllium alloys C17500 and C17510 in terms of many applications.

International Specification:
Rods/Bars/Plates/Sheets: UNS.C18000, CDA180, RWMA Class 3
European Standards: CuCrNi2Si, DIN 2.0855, CW111C to EN
Note: ASTM: American Society for Testing and Materials RWMA: Resistance Welder Manufacturers’ Association Note: Unless otherwise specified, material will be produced to DIN & RWMA.
Mechanical Properties:
The detailed Mechanical Properties will be available on request from customers.
Most Commonly Temper Used:
Rods/Bars/Tubes: AT(TF00), HT (TH04) Plates: AT(TF00), HT(TH04)
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Scrap Copper Tubing #1
Scrap copper #1 tubing is the highest grade of scrap copper tubing sold to scrap metal recycling yards. Copper #1 tubing has a shiny look to it much like a new penny. Copper #1 will not have any green tinge to it, nor will it have dirt, grease or grim on it. Round Copper Scrap Rods
Typical usage; Plumbing piping & water line pipes

Scrap Copper Tubing #2
Scrap copper #2 tubing is different than copper number one tubing in a many ways. The most noticeable difference between the two classifications of scrap copper is that copper #2 tubing does not have a shiny look to it. Scrap copper #2 tubing will also be old looking in appearance, and will usually have solder joints on it, and typically will be dirty.
Typical usage; Plumbing, water lines, AC Lines. C17200 CW101C Beryllium Round Bars Copper Alloys

Scrap Copper Sheet
Scrap copper sheet is a thin gauge of copper and typically comes in a sheet form. Hence the name copper sheet. It will either be shiny in appearance, dull or sometimes it will even be green from oxidation. The green oxidation tells you that the grade of copper is a much lesser grade than found in copper #1 tubing and thus commands a lower price at scrap metal recycling yards.
Typical usage; Roofing in high-end residential homes and roofing or flashing on commercial buildings.

Scrap Copper Bright & Shiny
Scrap bright and shiny copper is just likes its namesake. The solid copper strands must be “bright & shiny in appearance to get this highly coveted designation. Bright and shiny is a by-product of stripping MCM wire, or Copper Insulated 85 % from it’s plastic casing.

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