Beryllium Welding Die Copper Rods

//Beryllium Welding Die Copper Rods

Beryllium Welding Die Copper Rods, C17200 C17300 C17500 C17510 CuCr1Zr Electrode RWMA Class CuCrZr CuCr1Zr C18150 RWMA COPPER ALLOYS BAR, CuCrZr CuCr1Zr DIN 2.1293 Chromium Zirconium Copper Tubing Round Bar, Electrode C18150 Copper Rod China Supplier

Beryllium Welding Die Copper Rods Product features:
Unusual wear resistance
High property levels
High yield strength
High hardness values
Chemical Composition:
Be: 0.40-0.70%
Co: 0.80-1.30%
Ni: 0.80-1.30%
Cu: Balance
Note: Copper plus additions equal 99.5% minimum.

Typical Physical Properties:
Density (g/cm3): 8.83
Density before age hardening (g/cm3): 8.75
Elastic Modulus (kg/mm2 (103)): 14.10
Thermal Expansion Coefficient (20 °C to 200 °C m/m/°C): 17 x 10-6
Thermal Conductivity: 209 W/m · oK at 20 C
Melting Range (°C): 1000-1070

Available Sizes:
Custom Diameter & Sizes, Random Mill lengths

Typical Application:
Electrical Industry: Switch Parts, Relay parts, Electrical Connectors, Fuse Clips, Contact Bridges, Electrical Motor Components, Navigational Instruments, Electrical Switch and Relay Blades. CuCr1Zr Beryllium Copper Alloy Rods
Fasteners: Washers, Fasteners, Lock Washers, Retaining Rings, Roll Pins, Screws, Bolts
Industrial: Bushings, Non-Sparking Safety Tools, Shafts, Pumps, Springs, Welding Equipment, Rolling Mill Parts, Spline Shafts, Pump Parts, Valves, Bourdon Tubes, Bellows, Electrochemical Springs, Flexible Metal Hose. RWMA Class 3 C18150 Beryllium Copper Rods

We also provide the following products:
C17200 beryllium copper alloy
C17300 beryllium copper alloy
C17500 beryllium copper alloy
C17510 beryllium copper alloy
CuCoNiBe beryllium copper alloy

Forms available :
Bar, round bar, flat bar, square bar, rectangular bar, hexagon bar;
Plate, sheet;
Round strip;
Round wire;
Round tube, round pipe

Chromium zirconium has some of the most extensive applications. Here are just a few examples of the applications of this metal type:
Back-up electrodes
Nut & stud welding electrodes
Caps & shanks
Circuit breaker parts
Collector connector, collector housing, connector bar, connectors, and connection lead bars
Cross wire welding electrodes & components
Electrode holders & adaptors
Flash & butt welding dies
Power generation products
Resistance welding electrodes
Spot welding electrodes
Transmission devices
Welding arms, connectors, and platens.

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