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This Bare Copper Conductor Wire is suitable for use in crafts or for electrical grounding wire use. This single-strand wire is annealed for improved ductility and meets QQ-W-343 standards for uninsulated copper wire. It also meets ASTM B3 standards for annealed copper wire and complies with Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) regulations. This copper wire is suitable for use in crafts such as jewelry and weaving or for uninsulated wiring applications.

Electrical wire carries an electric current or grounds an electrical device. The amount of current a wire can carry is proportional to its size (gauge), and the wire is generally sheathed with coatings and coverings to insulate and protect it from moisture, chemicals, heat, and abrasion. Copper is the primary material for electrical wire, but alloys are sometimes used to increase its strength or its resistance to chemicals and the environment. Wire can be composed of a single strand or of many smaller strands, depending on its use, and is typically annealed to improve its ductility. Electrical wire is commonly used in industrial, electronic, and automotive applications.  bare copper wire
Application of Bare copper wires play a critical role in the manufacturing of overhead transmissions and distribution applications, whereas stranded conductors are generally used for uninsulated hook up, jumpers, and grounds. It is also well suitable for the making of the wires used for electrical grounding.

Characteristics of Bare Copper Conductor Wire:

1.The advanced automatic electroplating production lines and four dimensional continuous speed electroplating processes ensure the uniform coating and stable performance.

2.“Accelerate corrosion experiments” are carried by China authority department with different soil types, and the service life is proven more than 40 years.

3.The factory lab is equipped with advanced analytical instruments, e.g. atomic absorption spectrophotometer, UV-Vis spectrophotometer, conductivity meter, COD meter, PH meter etc. analyzed instruments. It also includes Metallurgical Microscopy, universal testing machine, Salt Spray test chamber, and thickness tester etc. These instruments can analyze and test dozens of technical parameters during the plating production process, which ensures the reliable electroplating process.

4. UL listed and ISO9001 certified.

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