110 Square Copper Rectangular Bars

//110 Square Copper Rectangular Bars

110 Square Copper Rectangular Bars, Architecture and Construction Copper Ground Bar, Copper Bus Bars Busbar T2, ASTM 110 Copper Rectangle Rods, Cheap Capillary Flat Rod Bars, Straight Copper Hollow Flat Rods, Alloy copper tubing China factory

110 Square Copper Rectangular Bars Specification

Item copper ground bar , copper bar ,copper rod ,Brass bar,brass rod,copper shaft
Material T2,T1,TP2,TP1,TU2,C1011,C1200,C12200,C10400,H90,H70,H68,H65,H63,H62,C2200,
Standard GB/T2059-2000.GB/T2067-1980,GB/T2069-1980,GB/T11089-1989.JISH3100-2006,etc
Diameter 3mm~800mm
Length 1~12m, or as required
Application Copper bar is widely used in boat building,War industry,Car industry and communication
industry where the components need good wear proof and great corrosion resistance
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Description best price C11000 pure copper bar , copper tube price ,ASTM C11000 copper pipe /Copper Capillary Rod ,JIS C1100 copper tube ASTM B187 110 Copper Bar for Copper Wiring, Busbar
Other Standard
ASTM A276, A484, A479, A580, A582, JIS G4303, JIS G4311, DIN 1654-5,DIN 17440,GB/T 1220
C24000,C26000,C27000,C27200,C27400,C2800,C25600,C37100.C36000 etc
NF:Cu/c2, Cu/a1, Cu/c2,Cu/b2,Cu/b1,CuZn5, CuZn5, CuZn10, CuZn15,
CuZn20, CuZn30, CuZn33, etc
Type Round,square,hexagonal,flat,angle
Round bar
Diameter: 3mm~800mm
Angle bar
Size: 3mm*20mm*20mm~12mm*100mm*100mm
Square bar
Size: 4mm*4mm~100mm*100mm
Flat bar
Thickness: 2mm~100mm
Width: 10mm~500mm
Size: 2mm~100mm
Length 6m,5.8m,12m or as required

Copper bar is a widely used product across many industries. One of the first metals used by early humans, copper offers good ductility, very high thermal and electrical conductivity, and high natural corrosion resistance. Copper bar is easy to bend and form, with excellent dimensional control and good crack resistance. ASTM B187 Copper Round Rods, China Supplier Tinned Copper Bus Bars T2, ASTM B187 Copper Rod Bar, ASTM B187 110 Copper Circle Rods

Applications for Copper Bar, C11600 Pure Copper Circular Bars, Plumbing Hardware Copper Rods
The characteristics of copper bar mentioned above make it suitable for a variety of uses. Common industrial applications for copper bar include:
Architecture and construction
Electrical applications
Marine equipment
Machined parts and components
and more

110 Copper flat bar is an excellent candidate for some processing techniques as well as both indoor and outdoor applications. When copper is exposed to natural elements, it will patina and develop a greenish or bluish hue over time. Commonly referred to as Electrolytic Tough Pitch Copper (ETP), copper alloy 110 has great corrosion resistance and conducts electricity. The material is non-magnetic with a semi-smooth surface and defined edges. Copper flat bars are commonly used in corrosive environments, electrical work, mechanical or architectural applications, and ornamental projects. ASTM B187 110 copper is a standard specification for copper wiring, busbar, electrical power systems, and installations. Copper Ground Bar, 110 Copper Rectangle Bar

High temperature. Used to make heat transfer equipment (such as condenser, etc.). It is also used in oxygen – making equipment to assemble cryogenic piping. Small diameter copper tubes are often used to transport pressurized liquids (such as lubricating systems, oil pressure systems, etc.) and pressure gauges for instrumentation.
The copper tube has a strong and corrosion-resistant property, and it is the first choice for modern contractors to install the plumbing, heating and cooling pipes in all residential commercial buildings.

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