Why does brass strip change color during production?
1. The direct cause of brass strip discoloration is residual acid on the surface of copper strip.
2. The soft Brass Belt is easier to change color than the hard Brass Belt. Because the annealing temperature of the soft copper strip is high, it is easy to dezincate. After pickling, the surface of the soft copper strip appears multi copper, forming the so-called copper skeleton. Especially because the copper strip becomes soft, after pickling and brushing, the surface appears brush printing, and the micro state is concave convex. After cleaning with water with residual acid, the soft copper strip is more easily attached by residual acid and water film, so the soft copper strip is more prone to discoloration than the hard copper strip.
3. The external environment also has a certain influence on the discoloration. Firstly, the corrosion of copper by residual acid on the surface of brass strip can only be carried out when there is water film on the surface of copper; on the other hand, CO2, SO2, NH3, H2S and some solid precipitates in the air dissolve in the water film and become ionic conductive liquid, which provides conditions for electrochemical corrosion.
Brass Strip Change Color
4. Influence of cleaning water quality. The cleaning water is made of tap water, so it generally contains chloride ions, especially in coastal cities. The salt concentration of tap water is higher in the period of seawater reverse irrigation. On the one hand, with the increase of salt content, the conductivity increases, the resistance polarization decreases, and the corrosion rate increases; on the other hand, chloride ion has strong oxidation ability, when it is concentrated in the micro defects on the surface of copper, it will become the cause of spot discoloration.

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