Welding characteristics of brass pipe
Brass pipe welding can be divided into soft welding and hard welding, soft welding temperature is lower than 450 ℃, hard welding temperature is higher than 450 ℃. Hard welding is usually used for silver, gold, steel, copper and other metals, its welding point is much stronger than soft welding, shear strength is 20-30 times of soft welding.
The Brass tube welding process is to radiate the copper tube bundle with excellent directivity, high brightness, high strength, high monochromaticity and high coherence to the surface area of the workpiece. After the copper tube bundle is focused by the optical system, the power density of the copper tube focus is 104-107w / cm2, In a very short time, a highly concentrated heat source area can be formed at the welded area, and the heat energy can melt and crystallize the welded area to form a solid solder joint and weld.

Brass is a copper zinc alloy, because the boiling point of zinc is low, only 907 ℃, so it is very easy to evaporate in the welding process, which becomes the problem of brass welding. Under the action of high welding temperature, the evaporation of zinc is as high as 40% in the process of shielded metal arc welding, which leads to the decrease of mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of welded joints, and also increases the sensitivity to stress corrosion. The weldability of brass is poor, and there are some problems such as blowhole, crack, zinc evaporation and oxidation. In order to solve these problems, welding wire containing silicon is commonly used in welding, because silicon will form a dense layer of silicon oxide film on the surface of molten pool, which hinders the evaporation and oxidation of zinc and prevents the invasion of hydrogen. After welding, it can be annealed at 470 ~ 560 ℃ to eliminate stress and prevent “self cracking”.

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