• Brass Tubes and Tubings

Brass Tubes and Tubings

Brass Tubes and Tubings WINDO Metals and Tubes is a leading supplier, manufacturer and exporter of Brass Tubes with C26000 Cartridge Brass Tubes, C27200 Basis Brass Tubes, C46400 Naval Brass Tubes, C36000 Free Machining Brass Tubes, C38500 Free Cutting Brass Tubes. Other Names: CW505L brass Tube, CZ106 brass Tube, CuZn30 brass Tube, CW508L brass Tube, [...]

  • C330 Leaded Brass Tube

C330 Leaded Brass Tube

C330 Leaded Brass Tube ASTM B135 Specs Level 4 Formable and machinable Level 3 Suitable for minimal corrosive conditions Level 2 Successful welding Level 1 Machining and forming WINDO Brass Copper Ltd. carries with them a large inventory of C33000 brass tubing, a yellow brass that is both formable and machinable. C330 is only produced [...]

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  • Copper and Brass Sales

Copper and Brass Sales

Copper and Brass Sales, a division of DWD BRASS Materials OF China, is the source in your supply base that provides you with the inventory management expertise and value-added processing services necessary to help you compete in today's global market. With our comprehensive line of nonferrous metals and alloys, wide variety of precision processing capabilities, [...]

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  • Air Conditioner AC Copper Pipe

Air Conditioner AC Copper Pipe

Air Conditioner AC Copper Pipe Item Copper pipe, copper tube, brass tube, brass pipes, bronze pipe, bronze tube Standard GB/T1527-2006,JIS H3300-2006,ASTM B75M,ASTMB42,ASTMB395,ASTM B359,ASTM B188,ASTMB698,ASTM B640,ETC Material T1,T2,C10100,C10200,C10300,C10400,C10500,C10700,C10800,C10900,C10920 TP1,TP2,C10930,C11000,C11300,C11400,C11500,C11600,C12000,C12200,C12300 TU1,TU2,C12500,C14200,C14420,C14500,C14510,C14520,C14530,C17200,C19200 C21000,C23000,C26000,C27000,C27400,C28000,C33000,C33200,C37000,C44300 C44400,C44500,C60800,C63020,C65500,C68700,C70400,C70600,C70620,C71000 C71500,C71520,C71640,C72000,ETC. Air Conditioner AC Copper Pipe Shape Round,square,rectangular,oval,half-round Round OD:2-914mm(1/16"-36") WT:0.2-120mm(SCH5S-SCH160S) Square Size:2*2-1016*1016mm(1/16"-40") WT:0.2-120mm Rectangular Size:2*4-1016*1219mm(1/16"-48") WT:0.2-120mm Length 1m,2m,3m,6m,or as required Hardness [...]

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