Resistance Welding Materials Copper Tube

These high-strength/ high-conductivity alloy rods and bars are used extensively as the base material for resistance welding electrodes and related welding components. All products meet Resistance Welder Manufacturers Association (RWMA) standards.
RWMA products are offered in Round Rods from .250″ to 3.650″ diameter; in Square Bars from .375″ to 2.500″ Sq., and a broad range of rectangular configurations and hexagonal sizes.
WINDO METAL manufactures these products in the following alloys:
C18000 RWMA Class 3 (Beryllium Free RWMA Class 3)
C18200 RWMA Class 2
C18150 RWMA Class 2
C16200 RWMA Class 1

Resistance Welding Materials Copper Tube

Electric Resistance Welding
According to the heat supply needed for the welding, electrical energy is used for resistance welding, the same as for arc welding. However, it uses a secondary electrical circuit, which causes the melting and joining of the materials – namely, because of the resistance high thermal energy occurs. In this process the material to be welded is inserted between the electrodes, which squeeze the workpieces – and when the electric current is on, they soften under the pressure into a doughy state (but do not melt) and then weld.

The electrodes for resistance welding come in different shapes and they also vary in chemical composition. That depends on the material which we are welding. Thus, for welding of copper alloys and zinc we use tungsten electrodes, for aluminium we use electrolytic copper and for steel and titanium different alloys.

Because complete melting of the material does not occur, resistance welding is often also called compressing. Its process is controlled and regulated in the welding cycle, which is influenced by:

the intensity and type of welding current;
the pressure of the electrodes on the material or the workpiece;
the duration or time of welding.
According to the position of the workpieces during welding and the type of heating, resistance welding enables different types of welding. This can be:

spot welding (the electrodes are shaped into a spot);
plug welding (square electrodes and a workpiece with warts or plugs);
disk welding (electrodes are in a shape of a disk, which make the “seam”);
butt-welding (the workpieces are facing each other);
flash-butt welding (the workpieces are facing each other, sparking occurs between them).
Resistance welding enables the joining of the same materials, as well as different ones, for example steel and copper. It is used for welding automobile bodyworks, reservoirs, wires, sticks, chains …

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Copper Rod Tube Solid Pipes

Copper Rod Tube Solid Pipes

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