Precision Brass Parts from China

WINDO METAL is one of the CHINA’s biggest exporters of Brass Parts Brass Turned Parts precision Brass Parts CNC machined components Screw machine products, Brass components, turned components ,Brass Nuts Brass Screws, Brass Fittings and Brass electrical components like- Neutral links Terminals Neutral bars terminal bars.

Brass Plumbing Fittings

Brass Electrical Pins

From a small company in Ningbo CHINA which started 3 years back we have grown from strength to strength and have achieved new pinnacles of growth in the industry of Brass parts Brass screw machine parts Brass Anchors DIn 934 Brass Hex nuts Brass machine screws Brass fasteners, pipe Fittings cable glands Brass electrical components Brass terminals Brass Neutral links Brass Screws Brass Inserts PPR fittings fasteners Brass Sanitary fittings pipe fittings and earthing accessories.

Precision Brass Parts from China

Precision Brass Parts from China

Brass E1W Cable Glands

Brass Battery Terminals

Precision Brass Parts from CHINA is known for its perfection in Quality, Delivery and Prices. We are always eager to serve our customers in a better way and apply new ideas to improve our quality. We very strictly abide schedules given to our customers. We have been supplying Brass CNC components and Precision Brass parts to USA and Europe since last 3 decades.

Brass Reducers

Brass Terminals Terminal Blocks

90 Degree Elbows Brass Pipe Fittings

Seamless Brass Pipe Tubes

Brass Pipe

Straight Brass Pipes for Water Tube

Customize All Size Brass Pipe from Factory

Brass Pipe Rust

Thin Wallness Brass Pipe with Smooth Surface

70/30 Brass Pipe ASTM Brass Price

Brass Pipe Tubing Round Outer Diameter 0.6-2cm