The forming process of copper bar includes drawing, heat treatment, finishing and final forming.
Definition of copper rod drawing
Drawing is a kind of pressure processing method to change the shape and size of the blank through the die hole and apply tensile force, and it is also a key process in the production of finished copper bar and wire.
Characteristics of stretching.
Through this process, the shape and size of the products meet the requirements, and have the characteristics of high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish.

Classification of stretching equipment
The commonly used drawing equipment includes chain drawing machine, disc drawing machine, hydraulic drawing machine and combined drawing machine. Chain drawing machine is mainly used for drawing straight products, including single chain, double chain, single line and multi line drawing machine. Disc drawing machine is mainly used for the production of small and medium diameter disc. The combined drawing machine is mainly used to produce small-sized products from circle to fixed length straight bar, which can realize the drawing, straightening, surface polishing, fixed length cutting, etc. of products at the same time, and directly produce finished products.

Heat treatment in forming process of copper bar
The heat treatment of tube, bar and wire is mainly intermediate annealing and finished annealing. The annealing schedule is determined according to the alloy characteristics, product state and performance requirements. At present, the bell type furnace, roller hearth furnace and mesh chain furnace with specific atmosphere are widely used in the heat treatment of tube and bar profiles. At the same time of using protective atmosphere, strengthen the circulation of atmosphere to ensure uniform atmosphere and bright product surface.
In the heat treatment of bar profile, there is also quenching aging heat treatment. It is mainly used for heat treatment of alloy with aging strengthening characteristics to improve the strength and comprehensive properties of the material. The quenching of extruded products usually depends on the extrusion outlet water seal, while the drawing products need a special quenching furnace.

Finishing in forming process of copper bar
The finishing of copper alloy tube, bar and wire mainly includes cutting head and tail, straightening, surface treatment, etc. According to the specifications and requirements of the products, two methods of sawing and shearing can be used to cut the ends of the products. High precision and large size products are usually sawed. Flatness is an important quality index of tube and bar products.
The straightening machines commonly used for tube and bar profiles include roller straightening machine, pressure straightening machine, sine straightening machine and tension straightening machine, etc. Roller straightener is a kind of straightening machine, which can straighten products by bending different roller shapes repeatedly. Pressure straightener is generally used for straightening large or super large size bars, profiles and tubes with large wall thickness. Sinusoidal straightening is mainly used to straighten small-diameter pipes and bars by repeated bending of sinusoidal straightening roll. The tension leveler is used to clamp the two ends of the product and apply the reverse tension to make the product slightly deformed to achieve the purpose of straightening. It is mainly used for the straightening of special profiles, and its elongation reaches 1-3%.
In order to ensure that the surface of the finished product is clean and bright, the surface of the product needs to be treated, including manual treatment and automatic treatment. Manual treatment is mainly to wipe the oil stains and dirt on the surface of pipe and bar by operators (including beating cotton balls into the pipe with compressed air). The automatic treatment is mainly to decontaminate (including purging) and dry the tube and bar through the liquid dissolved with cleaning agent.

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