Forging Brass Rod

Forging Brass Rod is a process that yields a stronger, denser brass component. These Manganese Brass Bars can accurately display the intricacies of any given design. Forged brass is often considered to be tougher in comparison to casting brass.
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Forging Brass Rod
Uns C37700 Brass Round Bar
Manganese Brass Rods

This is because of the thermal and metallurgical process the IS 3488 Forged Brass Bars undergoes, which is a superior manufacturing process. In fact, during the manufacturing process, more specifically when the forging presses have exerted tremendous pressure applied by the brass bar manufacturers on heated pure brass results in the production of a product that is free of imperfections. Not only can IS 3488 Forging Brass Rods handle a much stronger impact, but these rods also exhibit greater durability.

Once the Uns C37700 Brass Round Bar has been forged, it is then polished, following which these bars are coated with a high temperature lacquered coating. brass rod manufacturers could also coat these bars with a chromium coating, which then forms a natural bond with the alloy, thus effectively preventing the Forged Brass Bars from getting tarnished. The ASTM A124 is a specification that covers copper based products such as Forged Brass Rods that have been processed by either hot working, cold working, or annealing in order to produce a uniform wrought structure in the finished product.

Forging Brass Rod

Forging Brass Rod

The specified ASTM A124 Forged Brass Rods are to be tested as well as adhere to requirements set by the specification in terms of its mechanical properties and chemistry as well as the dimensional requirements such as diameter, width, length, thickness, shape, and straightness.
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Forging Brass Rod Specification Format

Standards: BS 218, IS – 6912/2005 FLB, Modified Forging Brass Rods as per IS – 8737, CW 617 N EN 12164 : 1998, CDA 377
Dimension:ASTM B 124 C37700, BS 2874 CZ 122,IS 3488 Forging Brass
Size:6 to 60mm
Thickness:0 274 mm to 6.35 mm

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Forged Brass Bars
Forging Brass Rods
ASTM A124 Forged Brass Rods
Forged Brass Rods
IS 3488 Forging Brass Rods

Forged Brass Rods
IS 3488 Forging Brass Rods
BS 2874 Forged Brass Rods
Manganese Brass Rods
Forging Brass Bars

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