Different uses of brass
According to the different types of brass, the use is also different. The main differences are as follows:
1. Plain brass: it has excellent plasticity and high strength, good cutting function, easy to weld, not stable to common corrosion, but easy to crack. It is one of the most widely used brass. It is used for complex cold and deep drawing parts, such as radiator shell, bellows, conduit, cartridge case, gasket, etc.
2. H70 plain brass: excellent plasticity and high strength, brass pipe cutting function is good, easy to weld, not stable to common corrosion, but easy to crack. For complex cold and deep drawing parts, such as radiator shell, cartridge case, conduit, bellows and gasket.

3. H75 plain brass: it has good mechanical function, process function and corrosion resistance function. It can work well under hot and cold conditions. It is between H80 and H70 in function and economy. For low load corrosion resistant spring.
4. H96 plain brass: it has higher strength than red copper, good heat conduction and conductivity, high corrosion resistance in atmosphere and atmosphere, excellent plasticity, easy cold and hot pressure processing, easy welding, forging and tinning, no stress corrosion cracking tendency. It is used as conduit, condensing tube, radiator tube, radiator fin, automobile water tank belt and conductive parts in popular machinery manufacturing.
5. Lf10 is aluminum magnesium antirust aluminum with the same strength as LF3. It can not be strengthened by heat treatment. It has high plasticity in annealed form, medium plasticity in semi cold hardening and good welding function. LF5 is used to manufacture welding parts, pipes, containers and other parts for tasks in liquid. LF6 has high strength and corrosion resistance, good plasticity in annealed and extruded shape, and acceptable tightness and plasticity in argon arc welding. The cutting performance is superior. Used for welding vessels, stressed parts, aircraft skin and skeleton parts.

Brass Water Pipe

Brass Water Pipe Material: Brass, Leaded brass, Tin brass, Copper, Phosphor bronze Outside diameter: 2-914mm Wall thickness: 0.5-80mm Length: 1-12m,or as required Application: Brass pipe have strong, corrosion resistant properties, and become a modern contractor in all of commodity house pipes, heating, cooling water piping installation of choice. Brass Tube, Brass Hollow Pipe, High Quality […]

6mm Large Diameter Brass Tube

6mm large diameter brass tube Length: Customers’ Requirement Outer Diameter: 2mm-914mm or as the customer’s request Applicarion: Water tube ,Air condition Thickness: 0.2mm~120mm Advantages of brass tube: The brass tube is hard, not easy to corrode, and is resistant to high temperature and high pressure, and can be used in various environments. Compared with this, […]