Difference between copper tube and brass tube
1. The appearance is different in color
When we observe the copper tubes and brass tubes, we will find that the color of brass is generally golden yellow, which is more lustrous, but the color of copper tube is rose red, which is also lustrous, so we can distinguish them from each other by their appearance color.
2. The ingredients are different
The composition of copper tube is mainly copper, and the content of copper can be as high as 99.9%, but the composition of brass tube is copper and zinc, and there may be other magazines for special brass, so we can also distinguish it from the composition.

3. It’s different in strength
The strength of copper tubes is different from that of brass tubes. We can distinguish it from the strength. Brass tube has more components, so the strength of brass is generally higher. However, the composition of red copper is mainly copper, and there are basically no other impurities. Therefore, the strength of red copper is relatively low.
4. The density is different
The density of brass is between 8.52 and 8.62, and that of red copper is between 8.9 and 8.95. Therefore, the density of red copper and brass is relatively large, while that of brass is relatively small.

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